Beaufort bazaar scene

A look at the creatives and artists from Beaufort County’s bustling bazaar scene

Tales from the tents

Story by Sheila Paz + Photos by Brianna McCadden

Beaufort County, a treasure trove of creativity, pulses with life at its numerous farmers markets. Be it weekday wonders or weekend whimsies, there’s always an artistic alcove awaiting your discovery. Whether monthly or more frequently, each market tent thrums with the stories and crafts of local artisans, bringing joy with every breeze. Let’s embark on a sensory journey, exploring some of the Lowcountry’s gems.

Candlelit chronicles 

Purely Inc.

Kathy Oda’s journey with Purely Inc. was one of fragrant discoveries. Disheartened by the headache-inducing fumes of store-bought candles, Kathy plunged herself into the realm of essential oils. After countless nights of trial, a series of candles emerged that promised a sensory delight without the accompanying headaches. Pure, untouched by toxins, and brimming with nature’s best scents, her creations at Hilton Head’s markets are a testament to persistence and a love for the environment.

Sudsy serendipity 

Cottonwood Soap Co.

Collen Laux’s journey into soap crafting was birthed from love and necessity. When off-the-shelf products failed to alleviate her husband’s skin tribulations, she turned to the age-old craft of soap-making. What followed were weeks bathed in essential oils, rich butters and aromatic herbs. As the soothing lathers and intoxicating scents began to emerge, she knew she had found her calling. Now as Collen sets up at the Hilton Head Community Market, each bar she offers isn’t just soap, it’s a tale of resilience, love and handcrafted perfection.

The doodle diaries 

I Doodle Do You

Doodles danced on her paper, an extension of Tessa Kassing’s soul. What began as mere scribbles during moments of stress evolved into a canvas of emotions, tales and vibrant worlds. Each piece at Hilton Head Farmers Market isn’t just ink on paper — it’s Tessa’s heart, soul and dreams, immortalized in beautiful doodles that beckon viewers into her whimsical world.

Cozy crochet corners 

Banana Stitches Co.

Anna Jane’s crochet creations are more than just plushies. They’re woven tales of solace and strength during the world’s testing times. Every yarn loop, every snugly plush at the Hilton Head Community Market hints at the world’s warmth and resilience during its cold moments.

Pottery’s new poet 

Lowco Ceramics

For Jen Copeland the move to Hilton Head wasn’t just geographical. It marked her transition from painting canvases to molding clay. Every ceramic piece at the Farmers and Makers Market in Sea Pines echoes her journey — the textures narrate tales of new beginnings, the colors sing of rejuvenation, and the shapes celebrate the beauty of change.

Eco echoes 

7th & Palm

Andrea Smith’s 7th & Palm is a display of eco-conscious artistry. Every card, keychain and sticker tells a story of sustainable choices and a world where beauty doesn’t come at the planet’s expense. Andrea’s creations, proudly displayed at the Hilton Head Community Market, are a gentle reminder that in the right hands, even the smallest objects can leave a lasting, positive mark on the world.

Spectrum of stories 

Full Spectrum Studio

A sanctuary where art transcends physical barriers, Full Spectrum Studio champions the indomitable spirit of artists with disabilities. Every brush stroke, every hue captures not just their imaginations but their undying spirit and relentless pursuit of passion. As patrons at Hilton Head markets view these masterpieces, they aren’t just viewing art — they’re witnessing the power of determination and creativity.

Threads  that thrill 

C-Witch Ice Dyes 

Clarissa Shaffer’s garments are a colorful dance between past and present. By breathing vibrant life into thrifted garments, she showcases the art of reinvention. At Hilton Head Community Market each tie-dyed piece is not just clothing – it’s a celebration of transformation, sustainability and the magic of colors.

Elegance in every earring 

Calilou Clay Modern Jewelry

Denise Palmer’s pieces are symphonies in terracotta. Delicate, earthy and brimming with creativity, her jewelry stands out not just for its designs but for its stories. Every earring, necklace and bracelet at the Hilton Head Community Market is a conversation starter, an ode to earth and imagination.

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