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A new day in the Market

Iconic Italian restaurant Michael Anthony’s expands the experience.

Story by Barry Kaufman  +  Photography by Mike Ritterback

If you were to look at the all-new Market at Michael Anthony’s as simply an expansion of the restaurant’s retail offerings, you’d be missing the bigger picture.

“The big motivation here was not just to create a market,” said restaurant manager Ian Mason as he strolled through the new space just across from the restaurant’s main entrance. “One theme you’ll find across all of our concepts is that we’re here to make an experience. That’s in our cooking school, our dinner service, at special events like wine dinners. We wanted to make the market something that reflected that as well.”

In fact, the Market could almost be seen as a culmination of all these different factors that set Michael Anthony’s apart. We can start specifically with the pasta. The housemade pastas have long been a big part of Michael Anthony’s appeal, and now the Market at Michael Anthony’s lets you bring those authentic flavors home.

“Next door we only had room for our spaghetti and tagliatelle, but now we can expand to include squid ink and pappardelle. We’re buying a new pasta machine. Right now we’re making as much pasta per hour as the machine will allow us,” he said with a laugh. Adding to fresh pasta is a range of frozen raviolis, which were available before but have expanded with the new market.

“We’ve expanded the flavors, but what’s big is that we’re loading up sauces that you can pair them with. So if you’re getting the quattro formaggi, we’ll suggest a vodka sauce, if you’re getting veal we have a black truffle parmesan cream. They’re the exact same raviolis and sauces you’d find in the restaurant,” said Mason.

In the mood for pasta? You won’t find anything better than what’s being made in the Market at Michael Anthony’s.

Adding to the selection of grab-and-go pastas and frozen ravioli is a full wine selection and a selection of old-world dry goods. Need to know what to do with them? Chef Peter Frazzano will host regular cooking demonstrations to inspire you with recipes that utilize goods from the market, whether it’s pistachio cream or artichoke spread.

Ultimately, though, the Market at Michael Anthony’s is about the experience. With full bar service, you can sample from the legendary wine list while you nibble on charcuterie before picking up something from the cooler to recreate the experience in your own kitchen.

“We want you to feel like you’re sitting down in the late afternoon having a glass of wine in an Italian bistro doing some shopping,” said Mason. “That’s what we’re going for.” LL

We want you to feel like you’re sitting down in the late afternoon having a glass of wine in an Italian bistro doing some shopping.”