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A visit from the new issue

‘Twas the night before shipping and all through the book,

Each page was just perfect, but Lori needed a final look.

With Lance in his jacket and Jeremy in plaid,

even Charles acknowledged the book wasn’t half bad.

Ashlan was online for most of the night,

So the interns did deliveries with all of their might.

Melissa and Rebecca stopped in after one last sales call,

While Leah was ready to add up it all.

When outside the building there arose such a clatter,

Laurie texted Katie to go see what was the matter.

Out to the parking lot the team decided to head,

meanwhile Dolly and Sparky were home napping in bed.

The moon above 800 Main Street was aglow,

Shining on the Jeep which was proudly on show.

Then what to their wondering eyes should appear,

The mail truck was early, the new issue was here.

They looked at each other and all said with a wink,

“Let’s go to Dockside for our celebration drink!”

And in the new year we will write an even better story,

Thanks to Ashlan, Charles, Dolly, Jeremy, Lance, Leah, Melissa, Rebecca and Lori!

-Happy Holidays from LOCAL Life