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Adopt this Pet: Hansel

Want to fatten up this fella?

This Hansel didn’t follow the breadcrumb trail home. He got lost and ended up on U.S. 278. Now, he needs a new home. Not some cottage built out of gingerbread — a real home. Can you change Hansel’s misfortune and give his life a fairytale ending? This 50-pound, 2-year-old terrier mix will repay such kindness with an unlimited supply of love and affection. He’s well-mannered and has mastered the “sit” command. “Shake hands,” “down” and “roll over” are coming soon. He loves to snuggle and give copious kisses. Go pick him up today and live happily ever after!

More about Hansel
Color: White with black & brown spots
Age: 2 (about 24 human years)
Likes: Wandering, soft beds, delicious food, hot baths, bones
Dislikes: Irresponsible parents, the woods, cages, bloodthirsty witches
Adopt Him: Hilton Head Humane Association,, 843-681-8686

Success Stories

Katie Leasure of the Hilton Head Humane Association’s adoption team delivered some great news: Most of the pets featured in LOCAL Life have found new homes.

CLYDE (October 2017) Clyde was fostered during Hurricane Irma but his foster was a fail! They fell in love with him. He was adopted without ever making it back to the shelter.

CHOCULA (November 2017) During Hurricane Irma, Chocula was evacuated to the mega shelter set up by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Spartanburg. The ASPCA absorbed all of the cats we sent up there. Chocula found a new home through them.

THOMAS (December 2017) Thomas (a staff favorite) was adopted by New England Patriots fans just before the Super Bowl. They were very certain Tom (as they called him) would bring love to their Pats!

DIAMONDS (January 2018) Diamonds’ new family met her one day. They went home to sleep on it. They returned the very next day, with a Clemson collar and leash ready to take her home. She was extremely happy to see them and hopped right in the car.

SNUGGLES (February 2018) Snuggles’ perfect match hasn’t happened yet, but we know they will meet soon.

SHORTSTOP (March 2018) Shortstop has been adopted! Editor’s note: LOCAL Life can’t take credit for this one. She was adopted shortly after our photo shoot before the issue was printed.