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Adopt this Pet: Snuggles

Fall in love with this senior friendly feline.

There are countless things that get better with age. Snuggles is one of them. The owner of this stately 12-year-old feline recently passed away, and no one in the family was able to take her. Now this beautiful feline with a distinct dilute tortie pattern is seeking a new home. Downside: She has to have her eyes cleaned twice a day but it’s a very easy task to complete. Also, she does not particularly enjoy the company of other cats, and she can be cranky with dogs as well. Upside: She would make a great office cat and would be the perfect companion for an older person. Never forget, although kittens are cute and cuddly, they are a never-ending bundle of energy. For someone living in a small condo, an older person or a household without children, a mature cat such as Snuggles may be a better option. She is litter box trained, spayed and is happier to stay inside on the couch than go outdoors.

More about Snuggles
Color: Tortoiseshell
Age: 12 (about 65 human years)
Weight: 15 pounds
Likes: Cool running faucet water, sleeping, self grooming
Dislikes: Birds. “They are lousy sky wizards and need to obey the laws of gravity!” — Snuggles
Adopt her: Hilton Head Humane Association,, 843-681-8686