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Adopt this Pet: Betty

Entertain the idea of life with this beauty

Knock, knock! Who’s there? Betty. Betty who? Betty ya want to know more about this beautiful 1-year-old bulldog mix named Betty. Heyo! All jokes aside, this pretty young lady is temporarily staying at the Hilton Head Humane Association and is in the market for a forever home. She came into town from another rescue organization and HHHA staff thinks she might be deaf. Either that, or she is just a serial ignorer. Either way, noises aren’t a distraction — a real benefit to potential owners interested in a bark-free environment. She is full of energy and is ready for a new life filled with playtime and love.

©Mike Ritterbeck

More about Betty

Color: White with black spots

Age: 1 (around 7 human years)

Likes: Dog parks, chasing tennis balls and soft beds. “If you’re looking for a speed bump of a dog that sleeps on the floor and minds their own business, strike me clean off your list.” — Betty

Dislikes: People that sniff loudly instead of blowing their nose. “While honking into a tissue isn’t exactly cute, nonstop sniffing is infinitely more irritating. Just blow it, Sniffleupagus!” — Betty

Adopt her: Hilton Head Humane Association,, 843-681-8686