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Adopt this Pet: Clive


This happy hound is hoping for a happy home.

After being found as a stray, Clive was taken to Hilton Head Humane to be taken care of. He’s a bit underweight for his breed, so he’s in search of an owner who will train him with lots of yummy treats, and maybe even be a little heavy-handed when it comes to scooping dinner into the bowl. Clive is enjoying his time and the friends he’s making at the shelter, but he is eagerly waiting for that perfect forever family to fall in love with him and bring him home. The best way to start 2021? Bringing home a sweet pup that wants nothing more than to be loved. 

More about Clive 

Color: Tan, black, and white with some cute polka dots

Age: 2

Weight: 45 pounds

Likes: Peanut butter flavored treats and parties with lots of people to give him attention.

“New Year’s Eve parties are my absolute favorite. Of course, they’ll look different this year with COVID regulations in place, but that can’t stop me from watching the ball drop! And by that, I mean tennis balls dropping from that sky that I can go fetch.” – Clive 

Dislikes: Lack of cuddles and New Year’s resolutions. “It’s the same every year. I always make a resolution to stop begging from the table, but I can’t help it. Human food looks too yummy!” – Clive

Adopt him: Due to the pandemic, all Hilton Head Humane Association adoptions are by appointment only. Call 843-681-8686 or visit