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Adopt this Pet: Crawl

This athletic free agent is hunting for a new team.

Dog Adoption - Hilton Head Humane Association
Photo by Mike Ritterbeck

If you’re looking for the perfect addition to your family lineup, consider adopting this athletic Plott Hound mix named Crawl. While the ancestors of this scent hound were originally bred for hunting bears, this beautiful 3-year-old is better suited for long and relaxing beach walks or chasing frisbees and tennis balls at the park. His flashy brindle coat is black, flecked with gold, russet and a few patches of white. His medium-length ears hang gracefully, and the leather of his nose, lips, and eye rims are black, setting off an inquisitive and confident expression. Crawl’s owner was no longer able to care for him, but their loss can be your gain. Hilton Head Humane treated Crawl for a heartworm condition, and now he’s off the disabled list and ready to play! He’s the perfect dog to have fun within the field or to watch your favorite sport with.

Color: Brindle

Age: 3 (around 29 in human years)

Likes: March Madness. “I get so excited filling out my NCAA Tournament bracket each season.”— Crawl

Dislikes: March Sadness. “My bracket is always busted by the second round. Always picking the underdog may not be the best strategy, but hey, I’m a dog.”— Crawl

Adopt him: Hilton Head Humane Association,, 843-681-8686