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Adopt this Pet: Lucy


This displaced German shepherd mix is as sweet as pie.

The holidays are filled with delicious food, fun, and most importantly, family. Whether you’re traveling or hosting, you most likely will be spending time around those you love. But not everyone can be so lucky, especially shelter animals. While you’re enjoying quality family time, shelter dogs and cats are sitting alone in their kennels, waiting for their forever homes. One dog particularly down on her luck is this 5-year-old, 63-pound German shepherd mix named Lucy. She was evacuated to the Hilton Head Humane Association after her home shelter in Louisiana was decimated by Hurricane Laura. She just finished heartworm treatment and is hoping to celebrate Thanksgiving with a new family. With everyone in the festive spirit with lots of time and love to give, welcoming her into your pack could be a great way to make the holidays extra special.

More about Lucy

Color: Black and tan

Age: 5 (37 in human years)

Weight: 63 pounds

Likes: Holiday leftovers, turkey trots and most of the giant balloon characters in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. “Underdog, Scooby Doo and Snoopy are my favorites. I could live without Garfield and Felix the Cat, though.” — Lucy

Dislikes: Black Friday, the Pillsbury pop and watching the Detroit Lions play on Thanksgiving. “I know it’s tradition, but shouldn’t we open this coveted spot up to a better team? It might not be the tryptophan making everyone so sleepy!” — Lucy

Adopt her: Due to the pandemic, all Hilton Head Humane Association adoptions are by appointment only. Call 843-681-8686 or visit