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Adopt this Pet: Mitch

Photos by Mike Ritterback

This former stray could bloom into your garden buddy.


Locals in the market for a furry garden helper should consider adopting this handsome German Shepherd mix named Mitch. He’s got 16 claws and knows how to use them. He would love to dig around in your backyard while you plant, prune and water this spring. Mitch was a stray before he arrived at the Hilton Head Humane Association, so there’s a chance he will just eat your plants and roll around in the dirt the first few times. The good news is, he is quite happy to be around people and has proven to be a quick learner. Teach him a few basic commands and watch a few online videos on gardening with dogs. If you give this pooch a special purpose, a special bond between the two of you is sure to grow.

Color: Brown sugar and pepper

Ages: 5 (around 36 in human years)

Likes: Babies laughing. “It’s with their whole body. They don’t censor their joy like adults.” — Mitch

Dislikes: Humblebragging. “So you had to hire a housekeeper because your mansion is simply too big for you to take care of alone? You’ve got a great life — we get it!”— Mitch

Adopt him: Hilton Head Humane Association,, 843-681-8686