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Adopt this Pet: Scooter

This redcoat is sure to revolutionize your life.

In the colonial period, dogs were imported into the United States for hunting purposes. Various breeds were brought over from England, Ireland, and France, but those dogs were often unable to hold the scent for hunting American animals that did not hide near the ground, but instead climbed trees. This led to the development of tree hound breeds such as the coonhound. It’s a desirable breed here in the sportsman’s paradise we call the Lowcountry — and there’s a beautiful one at the Hilton Head Humane Association named Scooter that happens to be hunting for his forever home. Scooter, 2, is 58 pounds of muscle topped off with a shiny red coat. He has a nice and gentle personality, and would make a good family dog. Go get him today.

More about Scooter

Color: Brownish red
Age: 2 (about 24 in human years)
Likes: Chasing things, smelling things, the Clifford the Big Red Dog children’s book series.
Dislikes: “Bird Box” the film. “In the novel, dogs are introduced and one goes crazy, just like the humans. There is no mention of dogs in the Netflix film though. What’s up with that? People can’t see and nobody has the bright idea of calling for a dog’s help? C’mon man!” — Scooter
Adopt him: Hilton Head Humane Association, or 843-681-8686