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Adopt this Pet: Tomas

This brave survivor wants to binge-watch ‘Survivor’ with you

Beaufort County Animal Services was dispatched to Hilton Head for a call they always dread — dog hit by car. This call was from the north end of Hilton Head, so Hilton Head Island Humane Association team members Franny Gerthoffer and Laura Tipton decided to go check it out, since Beafort County Animal Services were coming all the way from Okatie. Upon arrival, they found a dog in the dirt, surrounded by people who were not sure how to help. The women found a large quilt in their Jeep and scooted it under the dog. Never once did he whimper or whine. To be on the safe side, Franny looped a slip lead around his mouth and he was lifted into the Jeep. Tomas, as they later named him, never cried. This brave dog laid still as they lifted him again and carried him into Animal Care Clinic. He was given emergency care and comfort. Tomas would love a pool for water exercise to continue his strengthening. He will not require too many long walks and would be great company to binge watch all your favorite shows. He promises to leave all the popcorn for you!

Color: Black

Age: 1 (around 16 in human years)

Weight: 42 pounds

Likes: Strength training, swimming and couch surfing

Dislikes: When you can’t pass anyone on the Interstate, because two cars are driving the same speed, side-by-side. “The left lane is for passing, not cruising. Just adjust the cruise control on the steering wheel a couple of times and get out of everybody’s way!” — Tomas

Adopt him: Hilton Head Humane Association,, 843-681-8686