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Adventures in wagging tails and cozy snuggles.

Gable - Hilton Head Humane Association

Gable, a gentle 7-year-old boxer mix, finds joy in the tranquility of the Lowcountry and the beauty of leisurely walks. Though initially reserved, he has a heart full of affection and warms up quickly when given one-on-one attention. As a former stray, Gable is in search of his forever home where he can spend his days snuggling with his loved ones. He is the perfect fit for a warm and cozy family that enjoys the simpler things in life. Gable may have moments of reluctance, but a few of his favorite treats will quickly bring his tail wagging as he happily strolls by your side. 

More about Gable

Colors: Brindle and white  Age: 7 years Weight: 59 pounds

Likes: “When I cuddle, I’m always the little spoon.” — Gable 

Dislikes: “Too many sights and sounds make me anxious.” — Gable

Adopt her: Hilton Head Humane is open daily from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. You can visit the shelter, call 843-681-8686, or go to 

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Become an Adoption Ambassador for Hilton Head Humane. The adoption ambassador program is a 60-90 day foster of a shelter dog. It aims to help a dog get adopted more quickly and have a nice experience out of the shelter. Your job as an ambassador is to represent the dog on social media with fun photos and out in public with your daily activities. Learn more at

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Kat - Hilton Head Humane Association

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