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Diamonds are man’s best friend

Diamond Hilton Head Humane Association - Dog Adoption

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend and dogs are a man’s best friend, then a dog named Diamond is everyone’s best friend! This happy-go-lucky dog was adopted at a younger age but had to return to the shelter when her owner’s circumstances changed. Diamond is a fun, playful, affectionate girl who loves to cuddle and play. Though she can be timid sometimes, she comes out of her shell pretty quickly. Diamond has been improving her leash skills, so we know she’ll want to join her new family on many outings.

More about Diamond

Colors: White and tan Age:11 months Weight: 40 pounds

Likes: “Cuddling, play time and hanging out with friends”  — Diamond

Dislikes: “Cats, the musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber” —  Diamond

Adopt: Meet this Diamond in the rough from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily at Hilton Head Humane, where the cool pets hang. Call 843-681-8686 or check her profile on

Do you love dogs? 

Become an Adoption Ambassador for Hilton Head Humane. The adoption ambassador program is a 60-90 day foster of a shelter dog. It aims to help a dog get adopted more quickly and have a nice experience out of the shelter. Your job as an ambassador is to represent the dog on social media with fun photos and out in public with your daily activities. Learn more at

Cool cat: Colleen

Colleen came to Hilton Head Humane when she was found near a feral colony, but it was clear she was once someone’s pet. After going through much change, Colleen was very scared in the shelter environment. Slowly but surely Colleen became more comfortable and now even helps other nervous cats feel more confident. Colleen is a loving senior gal with soft, silky fur and lots of love to give — on her terms! This kitty has loads of personality and will definitely be a loving companion for any family lucky enough to adopt her.

Colleen - Cat for Adoption - Hilton Head Humane

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