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Ask a Tech Guy in December: Henrik de Gyor

Got a technical question? Henrik de Gyor may have the answer.

Henrik de Gyor is a tech consultant for and provided LOCAL Life answers for the following six questions:

Q. Should I upgrade to the latest smartphone or just continue to do software updates?
A. If you can afford to, yes, but updates are much more important. You will max out on your ability to update after three-plus years. This is when the devices will typically stop supporting the new software.

Q. Is it necessary to have an external hard drive with my computer?
A. It is important to back up everything that is stored on your computer. You can use external hard drives with various storage capacities or the cloud as a backup where there is unlimited storage.

Q. What is the estimated lifespan of a computer’s hard drive? Is it better to replace the hard drive to purchase a new computer?
A. It is not a question of if a hard drive will fail, it is when. It could fail in a year or several years. Consider getting a power strip to protect your equipment from power surges. If the computer is relatively new, consider replacing the hardware, but first determine if the product is still under warranty. If the computer is dated, you likely should shop for a new computer.

Q . Is there a continuous maintenance people should perform on their computers?
A.You can do virus checks if you have a PC and run diagnostic tools through your hard drive to check that it is running properly. Software updates should be installed every week or so. They can often be run in the background automatically.

Q. Will I be able to use voice technology with my devices in the near future?
A. Yes, most definitely. “Alexa” hit the market and has found its way into many homes. It can perform over 15,000 commands. The future is moving in a direction whereby we will be able to talk to our TV with voice-controlled remotes.

Q. What is iCloud and how can I sync all of my devices?
A. It is external storage owned by Apple and it is available to customers. We pay for the use of storage in their network. Every family member and every device can all be synced so that content can be accessed. It is particularly handy to recover information or photos after a device has been lost or destroyed. Performing backups frequently will allow your iCloud to stay up to date with any recently saved material.

More about the tech guy:
Henrik de Gyor has worked in advertising, education, finance, journalism, marketing, media, retail and technology. He is an active podcaster, start-up advisor and writer. He and his wife live in Bluffton. DeGyor can be reached at [email protected] or at 843-781-6118.