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Beach Reads

Spice up your sunny days at the beach with a great book. With fascinating mysteries, sea monsters and some Lowcountry authors, you’ll find something for any age or interest.

Lost Ocean: An Inky Adventure and Coloring Book
By Johanna Basford


If you’re not much of a reader but enjoy the salty air and musical noise of waves, try an adult coloring book on your calming beach days. This book is beautiful and complex enough to produce captivating pictures that keep your eyes busy.

Tideland Treasures
By Todd Ballantine


This book is the perfect book for any nature lover or someone who is new to the Lowcountry who wants to learn about all of the unique aspects of barrier islands and the coastal area. It was written and illustrated by Todd Ballantine, a local who is an internationally recognized environmental scientist and writer.

Beach Music
By Pat Conroy


A South Carolina native flees to Rome with his daughter after his wife commits suicide. This story is one of grief and resilience, with interesting twists and turns through every page. The author, Pat Conroy, lived in Beaufort and taught on Daufuskie Island.

Manhattan Beach
By Jennifer Egan


Set in New York during World War II and the Great Depression, a young girl defeats the odds and becomes the only female diver to do repairs on ships. In a time of patriotism and unification of a fighting country, this story reveals the unworked flaws of a complex society.

The Water Horse
By Dick King-Smith


After a storm, eight-year-old Kristie finds a mysterious egg on the beach. In the morning the family finds that the egg has hatched, creating a mysterious creature that is thought to be a something no one truly believed existed. After rapid growth of size and attachment to the family, the creature is in need of a new home in Loch Ness. This book is perfect for young beach readers.

Something in the Water

By Catherine Steadman


While on a dream honeymoon in Bora Bora, a young couple is faced with an intense dilemma after a discovery made while scuba diving. No matter what choice they make, the consequences are dire.

Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief

By Rick Riordan


Based on Greek Mythology, this teenage adventure fantasy will keep you on the edge of your beach chair. It’s more relevant and engaging than readers might expect and gives a modern take on traditional stories.

The Last Song

By Nicholas Sparks


A troubled teen travels from New York to spend the summer with her father. While there, she finds herself in a surprising summer romance while pushing through trying times. The movie was filmed on Tybee Island.