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Beauty advice for locals on the go

Consultant Cheryl Simkins offers tips You should never leave home without

Local since 2016: Beauty consultant Cheryl Simkins specializes in makeup artistry and facial aesthetics. She is a founder of “Beauty & The Bling,” a mobile wedding party makeup service. Got a beauty question? Email [email protected]



Throw on some mascara to open up the eyes. Mascara brings more attention to your eyes, makes them pop, and makes your eye lashes longer and more voluminous. There are several different lines I use depending on the occasion, be it leisurely, professional or a night out on the town.


Throw on some bronzer for a sun-kissed glow. A bronzer can add contour to your face. For example, if you apply it just under your cheeks, it will compliment your cheekbones and be a bit more defined. Bronzer also is great for a soft, tan glow along your forehead, temples, cheeks, bridge of the nose, and chin. Personally, I apply bronzer very lightly over my winter shade of foundation to darken it up for the summer so my face matches my neck. Take some bronzer and apply as a quick eye shadow.


Throw on a sheer lip color for a splash of color and soft lips. Lip gloss always moisturizes our lips. It draws attention to our lips as well as making our skin look glowy. It’s important to protect our lips from the sun; look for 30 SPF. Even when you’re working out, gloss just adds that “classy flair.” I bring it along when I go bike riding.


Never leave home without some fun earrings, and leave an extra pair in your car. Fashion is the truest expression of who you are. Express yourself! Show your confidence! Fashion is very personal. Just a simple pair of earrings and necklace to do errands around the Island or town adds a kick to your day. With abundant sunshine in the Lowcountry and the way the sun sparkles on us, let the jewelry do the “talking.”