Before & After: Dark & dated to open & sophisticated

Check out this kitchen and bath transformation by Arlene Williams Kitchen Design

Photography by Anne

After finding the right home size in the perfect location, the owners of this Indigo Run property felt a few renovations were in order to make it their dream home. The kitchen was closed off from the rest of the home, and many of the rooms were dark and dated. The homeowners had a bright idea — bringing together Arlene Williams Kitchen Design and Gaal Custom Homes to create a new space plan that would make everything perfect. Arlene Williams shares a few project highlights.

Now we’re cooking

1. We wanted to bring more natural light into the home, open the spaces so they flowed together, and improve the function of the kitchen. We removed the wall that separated the kitchen and great room.

2. Since that wall and adjacent peninsular housed the range and the refrigerator, the kitchen design was reworked to place the cooktop in the island with the ventilation in the ceiling so it goes unnoticed.

SPACE OUT • Create new space by getting rid of unused storage.

Make an entrance

1. The kitchen design included bringing the cabinetry and crown molding to the ceiling, which naturally brings the eye up and makes the kitchen feel more spacious.

2. We kept the color palate neutral while introducing quartz countertops that have a bit of sparkle to them and a backsplash that adds visual interest while still being a neutral backdrop.

3. We paid attention to the details; the door style and custom island legs contribute to the comfortable yet tailored feel.

4. Two small closets in the kitchen were removed and that space was used for the installation of the refrigerator and ovens with space for a coffee station between.


Glass Act • Switch to glass to create the illusion of more space.

Let there be light

1. The bathroom layout had a small, rather dark shower and a wall that separated the vanity area from a never-used tub. We removed the wall and the tub, which brought more natural light into the space.

2. We made the shower feel bigger by removing part of the wall and changing the upper section to glass.

3. We changed the cabinet configuration to include two vanities with a pull-out hamper and a sit-down makeup area.

4. Opening up the shower by using more glass allowed us to introduce a beautiful laser cut tile that together with the cabinetry finish created a focal point and set the tone for the update.

5. Large format porcelain tile kept the feeling light, and lighting and mirrors add a classic element.

6. We updated flooring and cabinet finish choices in the guest bath.

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