Before & After: Now we’re cooking!

Check out this magnificent kitchen remodel in Sea Pines.

By Barry Kaufman

There’s an old idiom in the English language that you’ll come across from time to time, “The cobbler’s children have no shoes.” It essentially means that when something becomes your driving passion and your calling, you tend to forget about bringing your work home with you.


That phrase definitely does not apply to this magnificent kitchen remodel at the home of Brantley King. As the owner of Billy Wood Appliance, the kitchen not only gives this foodie a place to work her magic, it serves as a sort of in-home showroom.

“It wasn’t that it didn’t used to be a beautiful kitchen; I just wanted to make it more functional and gear it toward my life,” she said. “And, obviously, upgrade the appliances.”

Enlisting help from Element Construction and Arlene Williams Kitchen Design, King was able to create a space that served her needs, looked amazing and was finished in just under two months.

“They were excellent about the timing, which is fantastic when you’re living without a kitchen,” said King.

The one upgrade King has used the most is the Wolf M Series convection and steam oven. “I got that just in time for Christmas cookies,” she said. “It cooks everything from focaccia to cookies to a chicken to beef tenderloin. You put some fish in there, and boom, done.”

Set beneath a stunning BlueStar range hood, the Wolf dual fuel range required her to run a gas line in, as her old stove was electric, but the results are worth it. “I love cooking on a gas range. It’s definitely an upgrade.”

Rounding out the upgrades is a Cove dishwasher and a Sub-Zero paneled refrigerator with a wine column perfect for entertaining.

Function and form worked in concert during this transformation, with Element Construction and Arlene Williams fashioning a suitably upscale look to match the high-end appliances. The subtle mosaic of the backsplash, crafted of Calcatta marble from Savannah Surfaces, pairs beautifully with the smoky green of the custom cabinets, while the elegant quartzite counters brighten up the space.

Rearranging workspaces not only created a better flow, it optimized the kitchen’s usability. Moving the refrigerator from the rear banquette opened up space for the range, creating more counter space at the front of the kitchen, creating more opportunities for entertaining. “Plus, I just love the look of the wine column next to the paneled fridge,” said King.

This marks the third kitchen King has designed for herself, building around the exquisite appliances that have been her stock in trade. “I’ve always loved to cook and loved to design, so this was a perfect project for me,” she said. “It was a labor of love.”

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