Back Exterior of a home with a large screened porch and golf putting green

Before + After: This porch conversion opened the door to year-round enjoyment

A space for all seasons

If you’re aspiring to transform your outdoor living area into a versatile sanctuary that offers the comfort of indoors throughout the year, a porch enclosure system might be ideal. Take inspiration from a residence on Gibbs Island, the new development adjacent to Secession Golf Club in Beaufort. Here the homeowners reimagined their ground-level porch, transforming it into a cozy haven for both flora and themselves amidst harsh weather conditions, without compromising the breathtaking Beaufort River vistas and soothing breezes.

Their secret? SummerSpace Porch Enclosure Systems were installed by Coastal Canvas Products. This cutting-edge solution incorporates sturdy polyester screens to keep pesky insects at bay during warmer months and an array of tempered glass panels for the cooler winter. These panels are designed to glide open smoothly, inviting in the cool, refreshing air, or to close snugly, crafting a watertight sanctuary when needed.

Further enhancing the versatility and enjoyment of outdoor spaces, motorized screens were fitted on additional porches within the property, ensuring that its outdoor spaces remain adaptable, comfortable and delightful retreats for relaxation and entertainment, irrespective of the season.

Before Porch before renovation
After Porch after renovation

Screen time

Polyester screens offer an effective barrier against insects during the balmy months, ensuring a bug-free ambiance. When privacy or protection from the elements is desired, the homeowners can effortlessly enclose the space with tempered glass panels.

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