Before+After: Aging driveway retired to like-new condition

Story by Barry Kaufman

Restoring a paver driveway is, on paper at least, a relatively straightforward process. You clean, you add sand, and then you seal. The invisible part of the process that was used on this particular driveway at Colleton River Club, the one that can only be seen by the quality and durability of the finished product, is a little more technically complicated. 

The before and after pictures demonstrate the dramatic improvement that Seacoast Driveways was able to make on this restoration project. 

In the before picture the natural beauty of the concrete pavers has been damaged by the harmful effects of weathering. Here in the Lowcountry pavers are impacted in an extreme way due to high humidity, salty precipitation and intense UV rays. The result is surface erosion, excessive mold growth and discoloration.

The first step was a thorough cleaning with a high-pressure circular washer that blasts the salt intrusion from the surface of the pavers, as well as wiping away all the mold and mildew growth between each one. “Depending on the circumstances, we may also use an organic eco-friendly cleaner that’s made in the U.S.,” said Seacoast Driveways owner Dominick Biangone. 

That cleaning also wiped away everything between the pavers. Clearing out the joints allowed room to install an improved product that replaced the standard builder-grade sand.  

“I use polymeric sand where the polymers are activated by wetting it down,” Biangone said. “When those are activated, it will harden while still allowing water and moisture to pass through it. We physically broom it all in between the cracks using a specific technique that compacts the sand. That’s the only way to properly do it.”  

Once the sand is set, the entire driveway was sprayed with a specialized sealer that soaked into the pores of the pavers, bonding with the brick to protect it against further damage, while also allowing its true color to pop. 

The process isn’t a trade secret; however, when you use superior techniques and products, you get the kind of results you see here. It’s an immensely satisfying step-back moment that will last for years.

Seacoast Driveways’ restoration process is multi-pronged and takes into consideration technical knowledge of building materials, chemical solutions, paver structure functionality and coastal climate interaction.


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