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Best makeup for your holiday party

By Cheryl Simkins

Local since 2016, Beauty Consultant Cheryl Simkins specializes in makeup artistry and facial aesthetics. She is a founder of “Beauty & the Bling,” a mobile wedding party makeup service. Have a beauty question or to schedule a beauty consultation? Email Cheryl at [email protected].

It’s the time of the year where so many women ask me, “Cheryl, what type of makeup should I wear for an upcoming holiday party?” The word that comes to my mind this season is “Glow.” These questions are always so common this time of the year.

We need to remember that it all starts with the “foundation of our skin,” just like the “foundation of a new home being built”. With a well-trained skincare regimen, makeup will look illuminating.

A few things to consider first for holiday makeup is to go with what you plan on wearing. Whether it is an attractive black cocktail dress, to a gold long shimmer dress or red and silver dresses, there are an array of makeup choices. Will your hair have waves or keep it straight or sassy short hair..those are some key elements.

Some of the holiday glows are:

“Glow Golden” — Pair shimmery Rose Gold to highlight and contour your cheekbones

“Glow Star Bright” — Using hues from the neutral pallet, still capturing “star attention “ in a subtle way.

“Glow Glamorous” — a Bold Red Lip, with a smokey eye in deep Blue and your choice of gold or silver liner

“Glow Matte” — Deep Matted Lips in Cherry Red, fluttery lashes and contoured eyebrows. My personal favorite.

All of these “Glows” can be intertwined. Have a be-you-tiful and happy healthy holiday season!