Best places to crab

The most popular crab quarters in the Lowcountry.

The best place to go crabbing is off a dock into a tidal creek. You also can crab from the creek bank, but that is a bit more challenging.
Our team has poured over the best places to crab in the Lowcountry, pulling together a good list of places to throw your crab pots.

Hilton Head Island

Burkes Beach inlet
Burkes Beach inlet

Marshland Road Public Boat Landing
This spot is just before the Old Oyster Factory on Marshland Road. It is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, however, overnight parking is not allowed.

Burkes Beach inlet
On the access road from Burkes Beach Road, there is a small bridge perfect for crabbing.

Pine Island
If you have access to Hilton Head Plantation or a boat, Pine Island is a great secluded spot to try your claws at crabbing.

South Beach
Dip your claws into this island staple. This spot is popular among seasoned crabbers.

Shelter Cove Marina
If you’re looking for a full day of adventure, drop a crab pot in the water while you explore Shelter Cove Harbour.


C.C. Haigh JR. Fishing Pier

C.C. Haigh JR. Fishing Pier
If you want to see what crabbing is like off Hilton Head, try your pots at the fishing docks near Pinckney Island. This is the most popular crabbing spot in the Lowcountry.

H. E. Trask Sr. Boat Landing
Also known as Sawmill Landing, this spot at the end of Sawmill Creek Road is perfect for crabbing.

St. Helena Island

Johnson Creek St Helena
Johnson Creek

Johnson Creek
Located under Johnson Creek Bridge, Johnson Creek is the perfect location to escape the hustle and bustle of Hilton Head Island.

Station Creek
Off of State Road S-7-477, Station Creek is a hidden gem when it comes to crabbing.


Public boat landings

Alljoy Boat Landing, May River, 265 Alljoy Road

Bluffton Oyster Factory Park, May River, 75 Wharf Street

Brickyard Creek Boat Landing, Brickyard Creek, 275 Brickyard Point Road

Broad River Boat Landing, Broad River, 1050 Robert Smalls Parkway

Buckingham Boat Landing, Mackay Creek, 55 Fording Island Rd Extension

Buddy and Zoo Boat Landing, Station Creek, 40 Station Creek Drive

Butcher’s Island Boat Landing, Wards Creek, 10 Butcher’s Road

C.C. Haigh Jr. Boat Landing, Mackay Creek, 1640 Fording Island Rd Extension

Cross Island Boat Landing, Broad Creek, 68 Helmsman Way

Daufuskie Island Boat Landing, New River, 13 Haig Point Road

Eddings Point Boat Landing, Jenkins Creek, 511 Eddings Point Road

Edgar Glenn Boat Landing, Chechessee River, 305 Okatie Highway

Grays Hill Boat Landing, Whale Branch, 395 Clarendon Road

H. E. Trask Sr. Boat Landing, Colleton River, 325 Sawmill Creek Road

Marshland Boat Landing, Broad Creek, 97 Marshland Road

Paige Point Boat Landing, Huspah Creek, 99 Paige Point Landing Road

Parris Island Boat Landing, Battery Creek, 50 Marina Boulevard

Port Royal Boat Landing, Battery Creek & Beaufort, 50 Sands Beach Road

Russ Point Boat Landing, Fripp Point Inlet, 15 Russ Point Landing Road

Sams Point Boat Landing, Lucy Point Creek, 1009 Sams Point Road

Steel Bridge Boat Landing, Combahee River, 993 Charleston Highway

Sugar Hill Boat Landing, Sugar Hill Creek, 40 Sugar Hill Landing Road

Wallace Boat Landing, Capers Creek, 245 Sam Doyle Drive

White Hall Boat Landing, Factory Creek, 33 Sea Island Parkway

Wimbee Boat Landing, Wimbee River, 550 Wimbee Landing Road

Public beach access

Bloody Point, Daufuskie Island, Fuskie Lane

Lands End, St. Helena Island, Bay Point Road

New Daufuskie Beach Access, Daufuskie Island, Turtle Beach Road

Old Daufuskie Beach Access, Daufuskie Island, Beach Road


Bermuda Bluff, St. Helena Island, 110 Bermuda Bluff Road

Lands End Overlooks, St. Helena Island, Bay Point Road

Pappy’s Landing, Daufuskie Island, Pappy’s Landing Road


Bluffton Public Dock, May River, 113 Calhoun Street

Broad River Fishing Pier, Broad River, 1000 Robert Smalls Parkway

Camp St. Mary’s Fishing Pier, Colleton River, 119 Camp St. Mary’s Road

C.C. Haigh Landing Fixed Pier, Mackey Creek, 1640 Fording Island Rd Extension

Daufuskie Landing Fixed Pier, New River, 13 Haig Point Road

Factory Creek Fishing Pier, Factory Creek, Sea Island Parkway

Jenkins Island Pier, Skull Creek, Jenkins Road

Old House Creek Pier, Old House Creek, 50 Sterling Point Drive

Whale Branch Fishing Pier, Whale Branch, 216 Seabrook Road

Wimbee Creek Fishing Pier, Wimbee River, 550 Wimbee Landing Road

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