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Black Squares

By Amiri Geuka Farris

Don’t put me in your box,

Digital hashtags like pixels of deception.


Breakout bread together, fresh not stale.

Walk next to me, don’t run swiftly ahead never looking back.

Together we were in dreams not nightmares!

Remember our hopes that would one day change reality?

Holding hands, singing and dancing, the children of the future.

Space, deep like Malcolm, Martin.

Nightingale dust of stars,

twinkling with lights of passion,

brighter than any knowledge we know.

But we can’t breathe, you stream, cover us with masks of disparities.

Linked in the love of natural connection, don’t teach me to hate.

Let us Create.

Let us be.

We are all spectrums of color,

not black or white but cocoa, melanin,

golden delicious drips of color.

Painted together on a canvas.

Beautiful cardboards of diversity.

If you put me in your black square do so holding hands,

clenching tightly together.

Real like the winds changing, blowing on the sun breath of a new day.

I am you and you are me.

Novas hoping for a brighter universe.

Let us together, reclaim the dream.

Amiri Geuka Farris’s Boxed In/Break Out exhibit “Breakout!” will be on view in the Barnard Street windows of the Jepson Center in Savannah through Spring 2021.