Butterfly bush

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Farmer Blue is a 12-acre, cut-flower farm in Seabrook. Its owner is working hard to build a better bouquet with local flowers. The farm grows over 300 varieties of annuals and perennials for florists and event planners in the Lowcountry. Here is owner David Blue’s favorite flower for August: 

Butterfly bush

Butterfly bush, scientifically known as Buddleja, Buddleia, or Buddlea, is a remarkable genus comprised of more than 140 flowering shrubs, cherished for their elegant spire-shaped flowers, making them a popular choice for pollinator gardens. One particularly notable cultivar within this genus is the Buddleia davidii, which has undergone successful hybridization, resulting in a stunning array of rich colors such as blue, purple, pink, white and yellow.

While butterfly bushes thrive in temperate climates, such as coastal regions of Oregon or southern areas of Britain, it is important to note that they can pose a significant challenge as invasive weeds. In fact, they have exhibited such vigor in these environments, they became the primary colonizer of bomb sites in London during World War II. Even in modern-day England, this bush continues to be colloquially referred to as the “bomb site plant” due to its tenacity and resilience in reclaiming disturbed areas.

Butterfly bushes emit a sweet fragrance and produce nectar-rich flowers that act as a magnet for various butterfly species, including swallowtails, monarchs and painted ladies. They are great choices for butterfly enthusiasts and gardeners looking to create vibrant and pollinator-friendly spaces.

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