Celebrity Connection: Cam F. Awesome

Veganism no laughing matter for awesome emcee, Cam F. Awesome.

The emcee and comedian for Lowcountry VegFest 2018 is Cam F. Awesome, a five-time USA national champion, a four-time Golden Gloves national champion, a two-time Olympic trial champion boxer and captain of the USA National boxing team. He is also a motivational speaker and stand-up comic.

LOCAL Life: What’s more difficult and why: Taking a left hook or promoting veganism? [Cam F. Awesome] Probably taking a left hook. I don’t really promote veganism; I promote awesomeness and when someone asks what my secret is, I tell them about veganism. It’s hard to not deliver a left hook though whenever the inevitable “Where do you get your protein?” question arises.

LL: Did you suffer from protein deficiency during your time as a vegan boxer? [CFA] I have only heard of one person who has suffered from protein deficiency. It was a United States journalist who was kidnapped by Somali pirates and captured for three years. Other than that, never heard of it.

LL: What or who inspires you to keep going when you’re traveling from city to city for gigs? [CFA] My desire to be influential. I don’t care about being famous, just influential. The more influential I am, the more perspectives I can change. My goal is to make the world a better place, but better is subjective so I basically want to make the world a place that I’m more comfortable living in, meaning more compassion, more love, more fun … and definitely more partying!

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