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Charles Grace’s Mac & Cheese Madness

When it comes to comfort foods, few side dishes stack up to the ooey, gooey goodness of mac & cheese. And here in the South — whether it’s morning, noon or night — it’s always mac & cheese time! We all have our favorite places to go get the one-pot wonder, but which place is the best?

Obviously, that is up for debate. LOCAL Life designer Charles Grace has lived here for more than 20 years and has tried them all. Since it’s March, we asked him to create an NCAA tournament-style bracket featuring the best mac & cheese available in Beaufort County. Here are his results:

Disclaimer: The views expressed in Charles Grace’s Mac & Cheese Madness do not reflect the views, opinions or positions of LOCAL Life magazine. Selections were made by LOCAL Life designer Charles Grace. If you don’t like how your favorite spot fared, yell at him (not the publisher, editor, art director, social media director, photo editor or distributor). If you feel Grace missed the mark, prove him wrong. Drop off a fresh bowl of your favorite mac & cheese around noon to LOCAL Life headquarters (800 Main St., Hilton Head Island). Our team will test your product, and if it’s good enough, we will make Charles feel bad about leaving it off his list

It’s the cheesiest: Ruby Lee’s South!

When asked how Ruby Lee’s South prepares its out-of-this-world mac & cheese, owner Tim Singleton explained, “Boil the noodles. Grate sharp cheddar cheese. We cook ours on the stove top first with some salt and pepper and our accent seasoning we create. Some people use heavy cream, we don’t. Heavy cream makes it sweeter. Can’t forget your eggs in there, because that holds it together. Put it in a pan and bake it 8-12 minutes. Don’t rush that either. It comes out fluffy and delicious. I’m sure I’m missing something, and I’m happy I am.”

Double your pleasure

Each main dish at Ruby Lee’s South comes with two sides, and nobody will stop you, or blame you, for doubling down on the mac & cheese. Additional sides are just $1.95, so you can keep on going if you are up for it. Sweet dreams are made of cheese!

Vote for your favorite online!

Fill out LOCAL Life’s Mac & Cheese Madness bracket each week to help determine
the best bowl in Beaufort County. Get started here!

Flavorful First Round: March 1-5
Savory Second Round: March 6-10
Scrumptious Sixteen: March 11-15
Edible Eight: March 16-20
Fantastic Four (The mac daddies): March 21-25
Championship (The big cheese): March 26-30