Carolina Executive Suite at The Westin HHI

Check out the dramatic transformation of the Carolina Executive Suite at The Westin

Before + After – Suite gets sweeter

Living in the Lowcountry grants locals the privilege of savoring resort-style luxuries during the more peaceful off-season, far removed from the bustling hordes of tourists of June, July, August and September. As you contemplate your upcoming staycation retreat, allow us to introduce you to the newly refurbished Carolina Executive Suite at The Westin.

This distinguished four-star resort recently invested $10 million in an expansive renovation, which added three guest rooms to bring the total to 419, including 32 suites.

The Carolina Executive Suite showcases meticulous design, harmoniously blending the island’s natural splendor and an opulent coastal haven. Guided by the inspiration drawn from Hilton Head Island’s seagrasses, Christy Thompson, project manager and studio principal of the Ellis Adams Group, orchestrated a transformation that elevates this suite into a symphony of tranquility.

Taking cues from the island’s serene landscapes, Thompson adorned the suite with a palette that echoes the beauty of its surroundings. The interior mimics the sandy shores, the lushness of the greenery and the boundless azure skies. The thoughtful integration of linen and woven sisal elements mirrors the wispy sea oats and seagrasses that grace our cherished environment, creating a connection between the indoors and the island’s natural allure.

Before rennovations in the Carolina Executive Suite at The Westin, Hilton Head
Carolina Executive Suite at The Westin, Hilton Head

Get the look

Here’s how the renovation team achieved this remarkable transformation, as shared by project manager Christy Thompson, the studio principal of Ellis Adams Group. 

1. Paint: We used Sherman-Williams Snowbound and City Loft in the corridors, complemented by Heron Plume in the guest room. The closet door received an eye-catching accent with Interesting Aqua.

2. Rugs: Each rug is a custom creation, inspired by Hilton Head’s natural landscapes – the grasses, trees and ocean waves. Designed by Royce Hospitality Carpets, we added rounded corners to ensure a soft and inviting feel.

3. Mirrors: Our custom-designed mirrors, crafted by Renwil, take inspiration from oyster shells, featuring an undulating frame with textured edges. The mirrors also pay homage to Hilton Head’s majestic oak trees.

4. Artwork: Crafted by Renwil, the artwork embodies the essence of driftwood, the graceful movement of waters and the woven textures of sweet grasses, all reflecting Hilton Head’s unique charm.

Elevate your staycation experience further

Explore like a tourist: If your stay at The Westin falls between April and Labor Day, leave your car in the parking garage and explore Hilton Head Island differently. The Breeze trolley service offers 21 stops and the option to request courtesy stops when safe, providing insights into the island while revealing convenient shortcuts.

Perfect timing: Tailor your stay to your preferences. Fridays through Sundays are ideal for a lively family staycation, while Mondays through Thursdays offer a more intimate atmosphere.

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