Chew on this: Trail mix bars

DIY trail mix bars to take on the go

There’s a bit of mystery surrounding the origin of trail mix. Some believe that it was invented in 1968 when two Californian surfers mixed peanuts and raisins for a high-energy snack. Some believe that it dates back to 1910, when a version of it was mentioned in Horace Kephart’s camping guide. Others believe that Native Americans ate it thousands of years ago with dried buffalo meat (M&M’s must have been hard to come by back then). 

At one point, trail mix was referred to as “GORP,” which could have either stood for “Good Old Raisins and Peanuts” or “Granola, Oats, Raisins, Peanuts.” The ingredients for this snack have gotten a little more advanced since then. 

No matter how you prefer your trail mix, either with a majority of dried fruits, chocolate, or both, all combinations are typically loaded with nuts and seeds that provide a great source of protein and carbohydrates to give you that long-lasting energy. 

It’s a tasty, light-weight snack to take on long or short road trips and can conveniently be prepared into a bar that’s packed solid with all of the goodies. Try making your own at home with this illustration done by LOCAL Life’s Megan Goheen.

Download and print the below recipe here.

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