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Embrace nature’s best at this year’s Native Plant Sale

Plant local

With the arrival of spring’s tender warmth in the Lowcountry, a day of great excitement blossoms for local gardening enthusiasts — the Coastal Discovery Museum’s Native Plant Sale. Considered the Super Bowl of local plant sales, this anticipated bi-annual event boasts an impressive array of over 120 native plant species. It caters to a broad spectrum of gardening interests, from the dedicated green-thumber to the time-constrained local seeking a low-maintenance yet aesthetically pleasing landscape. The selection is vast and vibrant, featuring everything from spirited climbing vines to tranquil flowering shrubs, along with plants specifically chosen to attract butterflies. The variety is not only extensive but also exquisitely curated to meet various landscaping desires. Every local is guaranteed to discover something that will enrich the natural allure of their garden.

A sneak peek

The spring sale features an impressive array of plant species, including:

Trees and shrubs: Enjoy the vibrant colors of the Red Buckeye, the unique beauty of the Pawpaw or the enchanting fragrance of the Oakleaf Hydrangea.

Perennials: Discover the diverse range of milkweeds, the stunning Aster varieties and the enchanting Black-Eyed Susans, among others.

Vines: Transform your garden with the charming Cross Vine, the elegant Coral Honeysuckle or the exotic Purple Passion Flower.

Ferns: Add a touch of elegance with the Southern Shield Fern or the intricate Southern Wood.

The wisdom of native planting

Wendy Dickes, the Coastal Discovery Museum’s horticulture manager, emphasizes the ecological significance of native plants. “These plants require minimal care, yet they offer substantial benefits to the environment,” she explains. The success of  the fall plant sale, which led to the introduction of over 1,000 native plants into local landscapes, highlights the community’s growing awareness and responsibility toward local ecosystems. 

Expert advice at your fingertips

An added feature of this year’s plant sale is the presence of master gardeners. These knowledgeable volunteers will be available to answer questions, offer planting tips and share insights on the various species available. It’s a unique opportunity for locals to gain expert advice on how to best integrate these plants into their landscaping and gardens for optimal results.

Affordable greenery for all

In line with the museum’s commitment to making gardening accessible to all, the plants are priced attractively. The one-gallon potted plants are available for just $10, while the larger three-gallon variants are priced at $17. This affordability ensures that all locals can take a piece of the Lowcountry’s natural beauty back to their own backyards.

Nurture nature 

What: Coastal Discovery Museum Native Plant Sale

When: 10 a.m.-1 p.m., Saturday, March 16

Where: Honey Horn, Hilton Head Island 

Details: Enrich your garden with the unique charm and environmental benefits of native plants. Enjoy a day of nature, knowledge and community spirit. Let’s plant the seeds for a greener tomorrow, together. 

“When we enhance our gardens with native plants, we make a significant impact on our local ecosystem.” — Wendy Dickes, Coastal Discovery Museum

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