Cocktail inspired by local water

Rachael Rivkin is a popular tour guide/bartender at Hilton Head Distillery. One beautiful afternoon, she was enjoying the outdoor vibe at Fishcamp on Broad Creek when inspiration struck. She wanted to create a cocktail with ingredients that really spoke for the spirit of Hilton Head Island. The result is this beautifully blue lemonade and toasted coconut cocktail. Mix it up the next time you are feeling blue.

Hilton Head Distillery- Broad Creek Breeze


1 1/2 ounces HH Distillery Toasted Coconut

1 ounce blue curaçao

5 ounces lemonade

Directions Mix all ingredients and pour over crushed ice into a hurricane glass. Enjoy!

About the Spirit

Hilton Head Distillery Toasted Coconut
This unique flavored rum is Hilton Head Distillery’s Platinum White Rum, infused with fresh toasted coconut flavor. It recalls savory macaroons, pastries and the tropics — the perfect complement to a sunny April afternoon near the water.

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