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Colorful spring fashion in an eco-friendly home

LOCAL Life stylist Roxanne Gilleland scoured the racks of local shops and boutiques to find outfits worthy of the naturally beautiful setting.

Jim and Susan Allhusen had a clear vision for their dream home. They wanted to live in a luxury tree house of sorts — a smart home married with our beautiful environment. Once they found the perfect Sea Pines location, there was just one problem: They didn’t love the home sitting on the property. Instead of just tearing the old house down, they did the most environmentally responsible thing they could — recycling as much as possible. What they couldn’t use for the new home, they donated to Habitat for Humanity. Instead of bulldozing the natural landscape, the Allhusen’s new home highlights it — in line with Charles Fraser’s groundbreaking resort development philosophy. The couple was kind enough to open the doors of their beautiful home for this month’s fashion shoot. LOCAL Life stylist Roxanne Gilleland scoured the racks of local shops and boutiques to find outfits worthy of the naturally beautiful setting.

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Worth its Salt

Salt Water Pool
The Allhusen’s salt water pool offers the numerous health benefits of swimming without the side effects of an over-chlorinated pool (itchy skin, dry skin, red eyes, irritated lungs, etc.). Its low entry also blends in with the natural surroundings. Inside, large windows in the study reduce the need for reading light.

Inside Out

Naturally Beautiful
One of these photos was taken inside in the living room and the other was taken outside on the porch. Can you tell the difference? That’s the point of this naturally beautiful home.

Far East & Far Out

The Allhusens have lived all over the world. To honor their travels, a few Asian-inspired touches were incorporated, such as these large ceiling-to-floor sliding windows in the dining room.

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Living Smart

Passive Solar Design
Windows, walls and floors were installed to collect, store, reflect, and distribute solar energy in the form of heat in the winter and reject solar heat in the summer.

Green outside and in

• The home was built around existing trees and their root structures.
Natural and organic wood was used throughout the home.
• Drip irrigation systems were installed for water conservation.
• The upstairs deck was built into the trees, creating a treehouse feel.
• Spray foam insulation was installed to conserve energy.
• Cable railings were installed to add greater visibility and unique modern styling.
Living flowers throughout give the home naturally beautiful style.
• In the studio, the walls and ceiling were re-milled from the exterior siding of the old house and floors are the old heart of pine.
• Appliances from the old home are spread between the garage and main house.
• Tankless water heaters only heat water when the faucet is turned on.• Building materials were chosen for sustainability.

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Photography Lisa Staff + Stylist Roxanne Gilleland
Models Hunter Everetts, Ella Boorom, Emerson Benson, Lucy Nell Benson, Jim Allhusen

Makeup Brooke Wallace representing Southern Belle by MariaNoël
Featured Products Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Foundation, Kendra’s Dry Oil Control Spray 14

Details To find your gorgeous green home call Hillary Dollenberg (see pages 3-4).