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Connections to the ‘Other Side’

When medium Amanda Garrett shows up, the spirits show out

Story by Eddy Hoyle + Photography by Lisa Staff

It is certain that we all will die. The death of a loved one fills one with questions, sorrow, perhaps with a sense of abandonment or even with regrets. The need for closure, answers, peace of mind, guidance, or even the possibility of receiving a message are among the many reasons that people seek the help of an intuitive medium.

SHE TALKS TO ANGELS • Angel cards are similar to tarot cards but without the spooky connotations or predictions (like the infamous death card). Garrett finds they accurately reflect what’s going on in a client’s life. Messages are always encouraging and helpful.

Amanda Garrett is a spiritual advisor and intuitive medium in Beaufort. She also is an ordained minister who describes herself as a “God-fearing woman” who was raised in the Baptist Church. “Everyone is looking for something,” she said.

“As early as I can remember, I always felt a presence and I could hear things. I believed in God and that the angels were around me. I could see spirits around others, and thought everyone did. I knew things, then it would happen. When I was in fourth grade, I asked my mother what she saw and knew. She told me that these things were of the devil, not of God. It’s one thing to know you’re different, but it’s another not to know why. What is the purpose? God made me like this, but why? And if God made me like this, why is it of the devil?” She explained that she had to understand what God meant to her instead of what the church told her. “No matter what, there was something missing. I wasn’t serving my creator and my soul’s purpose. And when I started serving my creator with my gifts, my life changed. I found peace and happiness.”

Crystal healing Garrett uses white crystals (above) to amplify energy and amethyst crystals (left) to help relieve stress, balance mood swings, dispel anxiety and more.

At age 25, Garrett went on a spiritual journey. “I nurtured and honed in on my gifts and tried to find purpose, to connect to that voice. The internet and books put words to what I couldn’t explain and helped me put all the pieces together. Mentors of like-minded people led me through things they had been through. They told me I was ready. So after 10 years, I put my trust in God, took a leap of faith and jumped off the cliff. I couldn’t put it off any longer.”

Garrett described mediumship as intuitive feelings, a movie playing in her head, a process of seeing, feeling, hearing and knowing. She receives telepathic speech and symbols. “People come to me for guidance or to talk to their loved ones. It’s like decoding a message. It depends on how long it’s been since they passed and their level of energy, so they use symbols and colors.”

She added, “Most of the time the feedback I get is happy. People are relieved, like a burden or a weight is lifted. They may receive validation that their loved one is nearby or okay, or that they didn’t suffer. They can let go of unforgiveness and regret, or about questioning decisions they made. They leave lighthearted and happy.”

Say your prayers • A candle for abundance burns at the alter in Garrett’s Beaufort home.

One of the most memorable readings Garrett did was for an 80-year-old woman whom she described as “quiet, meek and definitely not a believer.” Her daughter and son-in-law came for a reading and brought her along. They convinced her to get one also, but she was nervous and afraid that it was wrong. “I told her that I only serve God, and she relaxed. Her husband came through and kept showing me his wedding band. He had many messages for her, but when I told her he wanted to wish her a happy anniversary, she believed and cried happy tears.” That day was their anniversary.

Garrett emphasized that she doesn’t “work in darkness with black or dark magic, hexes or curses, seances or witchcraft. As a medium and an ordained minister, I only work in the light to connect people with their higher self and their angels, and I pray for them. I wholeheartedly believe that light will always trump darkness.”

As a child, Garrett said she daydreamed about working with the FBI and law enforcement to find missing persons. While she hasn’t worked with law enforcement, she does work on missing persons, missing pets, and with people who have questions about murders, suicides and unsolved cases.

“I work with many people who have suffered childhood trauma. When people look through a lens that’s full of trauma, hate and anger, they’re stuck, lost and longing. I have to be the light in the dark and work on how to help them move past, move forward and heal.”

Garrett says her goal is not to convert anyone, but her motto is “I show up and spirit shows out,” which simply means that spirit usually gives specific details to convince the skeptic. So if the skeptic in you is just a little curious, visit

Pick a card: An oracle reading by Amanda Garrett

This is typically called an Angel Card Reading. I quietly say a prayer that only true divine messages come through, and that each individual that chooses a card will pick a card with the intended message for them. I shuffle the cards until the spirit guides me to stop and pick the cards. Pick a card (left) then read your message below.


AFFIRMATION: I will come to know all that I need to know, as I need to know it.

Learning is not only about gathering facts but also about being attuned to the world around you. Possibilities for increasing your knowledge can appear in any form: School, training, hobbies, a person, etc. Perhaps a particular person, experience, environment or book opens up new avenues of thought for you. Take the opportunity if it interests or excites you, even if you’re uncertain about the timing or all the details. The Angel of Knowledge brings the message to you that this learning is an integral part of your journey in life, and that you are being divinely guided and supported.


AFFIRMATION: As I lovingly comfort others, I, too, am comforted.

In times of great pain, loss, or difficulty, everyone needs someone to lean on. The Angel of Comfort is a source of care who will surround you with love and light. When you need comforting, find a quiet place and call on this angel to be with you and help you with feelings of worry and sadness. If someone else needs comforting, this angel encourages you to give your time and attention without hesitation. By offering this loving energy without counting the cost to yourself, you are serving humanity and will reap abundant spiritual rewards.


AFFIRMATION: I am motivated by love and inspiration from my heart.

What gives you the drive to get things done? It could be ambition in your career, the desire to have a happy family life or the desire to leave a lasting impression within your community, family, or society. The Angel of Motivation directs you to focus on activities that both excite your mind and inspire your soul. By doing so, you can fulfill your highest potential and grow personally and spiritually. Call on this angel to give you the courage to carry out your plans. Ask for confidence to follow your inner voice so that you stay true to your inner values and on the right path. The first step may feel like it’s the hardest, but the Angel of Motivation may help by bringing you opportunities that you simply cannot miss.