Cool pool: Maximize your view

This luxurious pool in Gascoigne Bluff seamlessly blends into the May River.

Story by Sheila Paz + Photography by Jordan Matthis

Discover the epitome of modernity and luxury at Gascoigne Bluff, where a captivating infinity pool seamlessly blends into the stunning landscape of the May River. Designed and installed by Jonathon Dunford from West Bay Pools, this swanky pool stands as a true testament to exceptional design and innovation.

May River majesty

Immerse yourself in a poolside paradise, where the house and yard harmoniously converge to showcase the breathtaking view of the May River. Dunford’s ingenuity shines through in this creation, as he expertly maximized the backyard space to create an extraordinary union of luxury and nature.

Smart pool perfection 

Taking luxury to the next level, this pool boasts cutting-edge technology that enhances your poolside experience. With the Pentair app, you hold all the power in your hands, allowing seamless control over the pool’s lights and jets without ever leaving the water.

Tailored luxury 

A range of thoughtfully integrated features caters to everyone’s needs. For those seeking a sun-kissed glow, a convenient sun shelf awaits, allowing you to bask in the warmth while keeping a watchful eye on your loved ones. To ensure the utmost relaxation, the sun shelf comes equipped with two built-in umbrella holders, providing just the right amount of shade for a blissful experience.

Enchanting waters

The water’s surface exudes a mesmerizing, glass-like quality, providing a captivating sight from both above and below. Straying from the conventional raised spa design, Dunford crafted a flush spa adorned with LED lights and jets. This design choice contributes to the pool’s seamless, glassy surface, magnifying the allure of the infinity pool illusion.

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