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There are 6 categories which will each have a category winner and of those winners, the grand prize winner will be chosen. The judges are experts in their field including a professional chef, a fine art gallery owner, and a certified sommelier. Categories include: Home, Art, Style, Food, Drink and Crafts. Please see below for details on each category.

Items that take a home from shabby to chic.  Could include tables and chairs, lights and window treatments, landscape and garden products, porch swings, outdoor bars.


Local art takes many forms, from painting on canvas, to sculpture to fine art craft.  If you belong in a gallery, enter your masterpieces here.


You wear it or carry it, you should enter it.  Items like jewelry, bags, jackets, belts, glasses or hats. Apparel and accessories belong here.



Do you make good eats?  You may be selling your Grandmother’s jam or Mom’s pickled okra.  Pies, cookies and cobblers.  Bread, Buns and even Bacon.  Cheese, meat or jerky.  If it tastes so good, it sells, it could be a winner.


Brew coffee or beer?  Distill the best booze? Small batch soda or mimosa.  Cocktail mixes, spirits and juices.  You sip and sell it, you should enter it here.


Do people love your soaps and candles so much people pay for them?  How about notecards and folios?  Candleholders and trays. Ceramics and Pottery. If you are pinned and posted and are starting to sell, kick it up a notch and enter!

If you have specific questions about your handcrafted good, please email info@wearelocallife.com. Click here to go back to the homepage.