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Crazy Pet Owner Starter Pack

We all know that crazy pet owner. If you don’t, it’s probably you.

1. Furbaby Boomer

Only has “furbabies” and tries to bring them up in every conversation. Makes Mother’s Day/Father’s Day all about their being a “pet parent.” You can find them often saying, “look how cute my son/daughter is!”

2. Match Play

Owners that will dress up their pet to match them or will go to extreme lengths and make T-shirts/ blankets with their pets’ faces on them.

3. Ever Present

Will buy their pets Christmas presents, wrap them up under the tree and excitably watch their pet “open” their gifts.

4. Model Behavior

Gets professional photos taken of their pet and frames them all over the house. Has more pictures of their pets than their actual children.

5. Love Goggles

Super oblivious to anything bad their pet does because they love it so much. Often says “Don’t worry, I got ‘em,” when they usually don’t.

6. Life of the Party

Throws their pet a birthday party and invites all the pet friends, documents the whole party in a Facebook post, or worse, on the pet’s social media account.