Create your own personal oasis of inspiration

Creative sanctuaries

Story by Michelle Maldonado

You’ve heard of man caves and family rooms, but what if you had a creative sanctuary, a space in your home where you could kick back and feel at peace while tapping into your creative side? There’s no specific way to set this up. It’s up to you to decide what de-stresses you or makes you feel serene. For Tracy Winslow, Steven Mardell, and Beth Ridder, there is no wrong way of choosing your creative outlet or setting up your space. These creative locals may not share the same outlet, but they all agree that creative sanctuaries are nothing but beneficial. 

Sew much more: Create a crafting and sewing room

Craft a haven tailored to your creative passions, from sewing and crafting to DIY projects. Immerse yourself in a world of possibilities with abundant storage solutions that keep your supplies organized, a capacious work table for your artistic pursuits and plush, inviting seating for hours of crafting comfort. Illuminate your space with the right lighting, designed to enhance the precision of your intricate work and ignite your artistic inspiration. 

Tracy Winslow

The art of knitting and crocheting

For Tracy Winslow, the owner of Low Country Shrimp and Knits, knitting and crocheting serve as her creative outlet. She rediscovered her love for these crafts during the COVID pandemic, when she needed a distraction from illness and isolation. This rekindled passion not only led to her building a community but also to creating a dedicated space in her home where she can decompress and bring her artistic visions to life.

Tracy describes her sanctuary: “When I step into my space, I can just breathe. I know that I’m home and I’m safe; it’s comforting; it’s a place that’s mine, and it’s special to me.” She emphasizes that a creative sanctuary doesn’t have to be expansive; it just needs to evoke a calming feeling — something that’s truly yours.

Beth Ridder

Quilting for serenity

Beth Ridder, the first quilter in her family, discovered her passion for quilting while working abroad in Singapore. She now owns Island Quilters on Hilton Head and has a creative workshop in her home. Her creative sanctuary is a refuge where she can unwind and create, especially on difficult days.

“Just the other night, I was kind of grumpy when I came home, and my husband asked me what I wanted to do. I said I just want to go in and be by myself and create,” Beth said. “Having this space of my own helps me feel more calm. It’s essential to be able to calm yourself.” 

Patchwork paradise: Design a dedicated quilting room

For the creative and crafty, consider setting up a dedicated quilting room. Equip it with a spacious cutting table, sewing machines, a wide variety of fabrics, threads and quilting supplies. Add ample storage for your quilting projects and a comfortable chair with good lighting for those long quilting sessions. Customize the decor with quilts you’ve created and inspirational quilting patterns to make it a cozy haven for your quilting passion.

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Creative room ideas to explore

Your home is more than just walls and furniture; it’s a canvas waiting to be painted with your unique creative vision. Whether you’re an aspiring artist, a lover of literature, a music enthusiast or simply someone who craves an imaginative space, there are countless ways to transform your living space into a haven of creativity.

Build a music studio retreat Create a space for musicians to practice and record their music. Equip it with musical instruments, soundproofing, recording equipment and comfortable seating for jam sessions.

Design a meditation and yoga retreat Design a tranquil space for meditation and yoga practice. Use calming colors, soft furnishings and soothing decor like candles and essential oils.

Craft a home theater haven Design a home theater with a large screen, surround-sound, comfy seating and blackout curtains for the ultimate movie-watching experience. Decorate with movie posters and a popcorn machine for an authentic feel.

Create a cozy reading nook If you love books, consider transforming a room or a corner into a cozy library with bookshelves, comfortable reading chairs and adequate lighting. It’s a perfect place to escape into the world of literature.

Cultivate an indoor garden sanctuary Create an oasis of greenery with an indoor garden or greenhouse. Fill it with potted plants, hanging baskets and maybe even a small fountain for a serene and refreshing atmosphere.

Design the ultimate game room Design a game room with a pool table, foosball, dartboard and video games. Add a mini-fridge for drinks and snacks, making it a social space for friends and family.

A personal fitness oasis Dedicate a room to your fitness routine. Equip it with exercise machines, weights, yoga mats and mirrors. Having a designated fitness space can help motivate your workouts.

Craft a home office haven If you work from home, create an inspiring and productive home office with ergonomic furniture, motivational artwork and organization solutions that keep you focused.

Create a wine-tasting room Wine enthusiasts can turn a basement or spare room into a wine cellar or tasting room. Install wine racks, precision temperature control and a cozy seating area for wine tasting with friends.

Design a kids’ playroom Design a playroom where kids can have fun and be imaginative. Include toys, games, a craft area and colorful decorations.

Transform a space into an art gallery Showcase your art collection by turning a room into a mini art gallery. Use track lighting and gallery-style hanging systems to display your favorite artworks.

A fragment of the interior with a variety of indoor plants and plaster sculptures. Urban jungle concept. Biophilia design.

Steven Mardell

Nature’s inspiration

Steven Mardell, owner of High Tide Beads, is a natural artist who thrives in creating with materials like bamboo and coconuts. While he has a designated room for his art supplies, his creative space at home adapts to his projects. He describes his creativity as a constant mindset and a driving force in his life. 

“I wouldn’t be happy if I couldn’t create,” he said. “I’m constantly in that creative mind-frame: it really fuels me. Art is in everything.” 

Easel dreams: Craft an inspirational art studio

Transform your creative dreams into reality with an art studio that’s designed to inspire. Outfit it with sturdy easels, an extensive array of high-quality art supplies and strategically positioned windows to flood the space with abundant natural light. This dedicated sanctuary invites you to unleash your artistic expression, whether it’s through painting, drawing or any other creative endeavor, allowing your imagination to flourish in an environment tailored to your artistic passions.

Interior of modern artist's workshop

Find your flow

Your creative sanctuary, much like Tracy’s knitting and crocheting, Steven’s jewelry-making or Beth’s quilting, can be tailored to your unique passions and preferences. The key is to make it a reflection of yourself, a place that resonates with your comfort and style. To get started, consider choosing a color palette that sets the desired ambiance and create a list or Pinterest board to guide your decor decisions.

Exploring different crafts or hobbies might be necessary initially. Attend local classes, experiment, and most importantly, enjoy the process. Remember, you don’t need to excel right away — what matters most is finding joy in what you do.

So as you embark on this creative journey, have fun, let your unique style shine, and trust that the rest will come naturally. Your creative sanctuary will be your personal oasis, inspiring you to explore your passions and unleash your imagination in the comfort of your own space.

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