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Creative ways to display your family photos

Home Tech

Nothing can personalize a room more than a special photograph, and while a tried and true old-school frame is a nice touch in any room, we got creative with some other ways you can display your photos.

Devices become decor

Amazon’s Echo Show, and other home devices, have come a long way from a bland cylinder. You can customize the screensaver with a photograph from your library. When you are using the device, you can see your recipe, videos, TV show or even a video call. BONUS: When connected to your doorbell, you ask Alexa to show you who is at the door.

Photo focal point

The television has long been a focal point of the family room, and fortunately, screens have become thinner and less intrusive. A custom frame like this Edge System from Custom Audio Video, helps to turn the television screen into a canvas. Many smart TVs let you personalize the screensaver so you can choose photos or artwork to display or upload your own.

Depending on your TV brand and operating system (Apple, Google, etc.), how to customize your screen varies. Simply Google “how do I customize my TV screensaver” to find the resource right for your situation. PRO TIP: Regardless of the brand of your TV or devices, save the photos you want to display in a folder called “TV Slideshow.” This way you can easily find them to connect.

Fantastic frame

There are many great digital photo frames, but it was the Aura that Oprah chose for her 2018 Favorite Things list. The features we love are:
• Remote sharing – that’s right, you can upload and share photos from miles away.
• Perfect exposure – the frame senses the light in the room and adjusts your photo to the room.
• Easy App – with the touch of an app you can change the photos so there is no downloading, uploading or hunting for a USB.
PRO TIP: Don’t forget the grandparents. This is a great way to send them photos from wherever you are.

Photography apps we love

Since the advent of Instagram, even the most amateur photographer can shoot like a pro and have fun doing it. Of course the quality of your phone does make a difference, but we didn’t want to give you a new reason to rush out for the latest iPhone. We have compiled apps that work with any iPhone and most Android phones. Shoot like a pro with these suggestions from iPhone Photography School:

Photo Editing: Snapseed
Finally, a free app that is really good, as in really, really good. Snapseed is available for iPhone and Android and is great for photo editing including color, cropping and exposure.


Photo retouching: TouchRetouch
Retouching is not just a Kardashian selfie trick – it is handy to remove unwanted objects and blemishes from photos.