Raw Shrimp on Ice

Dear chef, if I buy fresh shrimp, can I freeze them?

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Dear chef, If I buy fresh shrimp, can I freeze them? What’s the best way? And how long do they last?


“Of course! If less than 30 days, take a ziplock freezer bag, put the shrimp in a single layer, and remove as much air as you can. Then lay them flat in your freezer, and generally speaking, if you’re doing a half pound or pound of shrimp, freeze them in batches relative to serving. If you plan on freezing them for more than a month, repeat the above process, but add enough water to the bags to cover the shrimp. This way they will last up to 4 months without any freezer burn. For thawing, take them out the day before you plan to use them. Put them on a plate in the refrigerator for a slow defrosting. If frozen in water, after the ice thaws, remove the excess liquid and continue defrosting in the refrigerator.”

— Tonya Hudson, owner of Benny Hudson Seafood

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