Delightful DIY decorations

Easily assemble five festive decorations for the holiday season.

Story by Julia White

Most people love to decorate their homes throughout the year. There is something so fun and special about truly getting into the spirit of the holidays and having your home reflect it perfectly. With these simple, customizable DIY decorations, it is easier than ever to make your home shine while also getting to explore your crafty and creative side. Whether you want to construct these for your own enjoyment, decorate for an upcoming party or simply want to have fun with the whole family, these decorations will be a hit. 

Ornament wreath 

How to make it: First acquire a wire wreath form, green floral wire, scissors and about 50 ornaments of varying sizes (at least three for best results). Next cut the wire into about 8-inch pieces, and string any three ornaments onto the wire. Then tightly twist the wire at the tops of the ornaments to create a cluster. Once done, take the cluster and fasten the ends of the wire to the underside of the wreath frame. Repeat until the frame is full, and fill in any gaps with a single ornament. Feel free to add bows, tinsel, pine branches or anything else to make your wreath unique. 

Where to display it: The wreath would look great on the front door, or opt to make a few smaller wreaths and hang them with ribbon along the staircase or behind dining room chairs.

Yarn Christmas trees 

How to make them: For these adorable trees, all you need is a cone shape (made of styrofoam, paper, cardboard, etc.), yarn, glue and decorations such as wooden star tops, pom poms, rhinestones and so on. Begin by securing one end of the yarn to the top of the cone and gluing it in place. Next carefully line the cone with glue in a spiral motion until the entire cone is wrapped with yarn and glued in place. Finally, attach decorations with glue until finished. 

Where to display them: These little trees would look wonderful on shelves, a mantelpiece, a desk or even as part of your centerpiece decorations. 

Cinnamon candle centerpiece

How to make it: To make this lovely Christmas decoration, first you will need a candle of your choice, cinnamon sticks, hot glue and ribbon, twine or lace. Begin by gluing the cinnamon sticks around the base of the candle as close together as possible. Next wrap the candle with ribbon or twine and tie it in a bow. You also can wrap the candle with lace and add twigs with leaves, berries, mini pine cones or other decorations to fit your style.

Where to display it: Create a few more of these cinnamon candles, and then add greenery and more decorations to truly lock in the Christmas spirit for your table centerpiece. 

Yarn and balloon snowman

How to make it: This decoration is a fun and unique twist on building a snowman for those who do not get a lot of snow (ahem, us). You will need some glue, yarn, balloons, buttons and any snowman accessories desired. First blow up a larger balloon for the body, a smaller balloon for the head and then fasten together with tape. Next pour glue into a bowl and add some water to thin it out. Then dip the yarn into the mixture and wrap around the balloons until fully covered. After it completely dries, use scissors to pop the balloons and add accessories with glue.

Where to display it: Glue the snowman to the cardboard, and cover remaining space with cotton balls to mimic snow. These snowmen might look best on the front porch, inside by the tree or near the fireplace.

Clothespin snowflakes

How to make them: Gather together clothespins, glue, white paint, twine or string, glitter and any other decorations of choice. Next carefully break apart eight clothespins and glue the flat sides of each piece together. Take four of those pairs and glue the wider sides together, first in a cross shape, and then follow with the remaining four in the open spaces to form the snowflake pattern. Finally, paint the clothespins white, let dry, and then decorate.

Where to display them: Use twine to slide through a gap in the snowflake and tie it to make a splendid ornament, or glue the string to the back and hang them from the ceiling or chandelier to make your house look like a winter wonderland.

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