Design a bedroom oasis

Design a bedroom oasis with a multifaceted textural approach

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Symphony of surfaces

Story by Sheila Paz + Photos by Mike Ritterbeck

In designing this master bedroom with the help of J. Banks Design and Debi Lynes, the homeowner aimed to avoid monotony. Multiple textures were brought in to create visual depth while creating a cozy sanctuary. Leveraging a variety of textures is a powerful way to transform an ordinary room into an extraordinary one by adding interest, personality and richness. Here are three easy points you can replicate for your own bedroom sanctuary.

1. Textured harmony

The symphony of textures in the room begins with the bed. The texture of the luxuriously soft velvet comforter, paired with the contrasting Chevron fabric texture of the bed frame, creates depth and refinement in the space, creating an enticing focal point in the room. By juxtaposing textures, it makes certain aspects stand out. Similar to how adding a pop of color can change the mood of a room, contrasting your room’s textures will do the same. Decorative pillows add dynamic color and texture.

2. Patterned perfection 

Textured furniture remains a prominent trend in the home market. It helps bring visual movement about the room, adding variation. The navy linen-textured dresser showcased in the bedroom echos blue throughout the space with complementary bronze hardware that resonates with the comforter’s warm tones. Beyond textures, patterns can be crucial in accentuating the room’s aesthetic. The homeowner opted for a patterned side dresser with a lacquered finish to complement the colors and textures in the room.

3. Unified aesthetics 

Lastly, the homeowner did not overlook the opportunity to add texture to the walls. A solid color textured wallpaper was chosen to add another layer of texture and warmth. A simple basket-weave wallpaper subtly adds depth and character while maintaining a cohesive aesthetic.

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