Design meets the tides in this Kiawah Island living room

Inspiration board: Oceanic elegance

On serene Kiawah Island, designers Laura Bischofberger and Emily Walsh of the J. Banks Design team showcased their talents in an exquisite living room makeover. The standout feature of the room is the fireplace, adorned with a tabby tile surround and a reclaimed beam mantle, drawing eyes to its elegant design. Flanking the fireplace, bookcases are thoughtfully placed, providing both functionality and a personal touch.

The design intricately ties the interiors to the environment: a custom-designed rug mirrors the Kiawah shoreline, grounding the space while also invoking a sense of place. For communal comfort an oversized sectional beckons families and friends to gather. Accentuated by woven swivel chairs, sectionals not only bring texture to the room but also allow guests the flexibility to shift their focus between engaging conversations and the breathtaking ocean views.

This intentional design ensures that the distinction between the indoors and the outdoors blurs, allowing its owners to relax,
breathe deeply and immerse themselves in scenic beach views at day’s end.

Get the look 

Consider these accessories to capture the ambiance of this Kiawah Island living room in your own home. All pieces are available at the J. Banks Design showroom.

Kiawah tray

Drenched in cool shades of blue and white, the Kiawah tray is an ode to serene coastal settings. Ideal for al fresco refreshments or as a chic ottoman serving piece, it complements both coastal aesthetics.

Round vase

Drawing inspiration from the undulating forms of coral reefs, this organically shaped vase stands as a testament to nature’s artistry. Its distinct design promises to be a conversation starter, adding a touch of marine splendor to your home.

Cove oyster box

Encased in a fusion of rugged whole oyster shells and clear resin, this elongated lift-top box includes a plush black felt interior. An embodiment of coastal elegance, it offers a touch of the sea’s mystique to your decor.

Bud vase

A symphony of design and hue, this squat-style bud vase enthralls with its blue tint and striking silhouette. Destined to be a focal point, its presence will be noticed and admired by guests.

Interior design books

Enrich your living space with thoughtfully curated coffee table books. Dive deep into the art of interior design with titles like “By Design: The World’s Best Contemporary Interior Designers” and “Markham Roberts: Notes on Decorating.” Let them not just be books but statement pieces reflecting your taste.

Quinn stool

Expertly handcrafted, the Quinn stool is woven with fine raffia and outlined in sumptuous full-grain leather. Its design infuses any room with a blend of natural charm and sophisticated flair.

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