LOCAL Life's dog-themed candle and dog-poop dispenser bag laid out on a table with dog treats. In support of the Hilton Head Humane.

Shop LOCAL Life’s exclusive dog-inspired items, and support Hilton Head Humane

In a tail-wagging effort to help get more shelter dogs adopted, Bluffton Candles and LOCAL Life have unleashed paw-some, dog-owner-inspired items in our online store. All net proceeds will go directly to Hilton Head Humane, fueling their heroic quest to match adorable adoptables with their human soulmates. So leash up your giving spirit and join the pack at LOCAL Life. Together, we can ensure every dog gets its day — a day filled with love, family and maybe a nice, long nap on a lap or two.

“My Dog Doesn’t Stink!” soy candle 

LOCAL Life's My Dog Doesn't Stink Soy Candle

Is your living room starting to smell more like a dog park than a relaxing retreat? Light up the “My Dog Doesn’t Stink!” soy candle, and let the battle of the bouquets begin! This olfactory masterpiece, a blend of teakwood and orange, was whipped up by LOCAL Life’s very own art director, Jeremy Swartz, who apparently has a nose for more than just art. It snagged the top spot in a scent showdown, scoring an impressive 11 out of 10 from judge Angie Evangelista — who clearly knows a good candle when she smells one.

This candle isn’t just a pretty flame; it’s a premium soy wax wonder that promises to disguise the wet dog funk with a more pleasing aroma. Fetch yours for $26.75 from Bluffton Candles in Old Town Bluffton, or sniff it out online at the LOCAL Life Store. It’s the perfect way to say, “Yes, I love my dogs, but no, I don’t want my house to smell like them” while championing the cause of Hilton Head Humane.

“Locals Scoop” waste bag dispenser

LOCAL Life's Dog Waste Bag Dispenser in support of the Hilton Head Humane

Embark on your daily adventures with a touch of flair and a lot of practicality. Our custom-designed waste bag dispenser isn’t just a handy ally in your noble quest against sidewalk surprises; it’s a fashion statement with its snazzy bone shape that says, “Yes, I clean up, but I do it with panache.” 

Clipping seamlessly onto your dog’s leash or your belt loop, this dispenser ensures you’re never caught unprepared in the face of… well, you know. And with a twist-open feature for easy refills, you’ll spend less time wrestling with the dispenser and more time enjoying the “great sniff outdoors” with your four-legged sidekick while supporting Hilton Head Humane’s mission. 

This dispenser, packed with 15 bags to kickstart your journey toward becoming the neighborhood’s most responsible (and stylish) pet owner, is available for a mere $8. It is available exclusively online at the LOCAL Life Store, where we understand that while dog ownership might sometimes stink, your accessories certainly don’t have to.

…So leash up your giving spirit and join the pack. Together, we can ensure every dog gets its day — a day filled with love, family, and maybe a nice, long nap on a lap or two.

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