Elements of a porch paradise

Story by Paula Magrini + Photo by J. Savage Gibson

When designing a home in the coastal Lowcountry, exterior living space often becomes the centerpiece of your plans. Whether you’re entertaining friends, hosting a family celebration or simply relaxing alongside nature views, the style and functionality of your outdoor spaces matter. With these easy tips from the Court Atkins Group Interior Design team, discover how to optimize your outdoor living experience.

Green is the theme
Our Palmetto Bluff clients made green a prevalent color throughout their South Wilson compound, a reflection of their desire to connect nature with all elements of their home. By adding green accents to your porch, you encourage a resonance with the lush Lowcountry backdrop. Here the bright, lattice-style throw pillows and fresh greenery invite the outside in throughout relaxed dining and living areas.

Engaging the habitat
The clean, modern lines of our outdoor furniture selections promise a complimentary blend with surrounding wooded views. We suggest a natural palette for porch fabrics and finishes, allowing pristine nature glimpses to seamlessly take center stage, while inspiring a calm, inviting ambience for you and your guests.

The power of ambient light
Around the clock, lighting preferences change. So we thoughtfully style outdoor spaces with various options, relying primarily on the flow of natural light. Unobtrusive, contemporary light fixtures offer a gentle late-night glow above, while strategically placed candles always lend a friendly flicker when dusk arrives at your outdoor gatherings.

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