Every Bloody needs somebody

Spice up your Heritage party with this next-level recipe from a pro. 

By Lynn Michelle

Hostess with the Mostess: Chef Lynn Michelle is a personal chef located on Hilton Head Island who serves the entire Lowcountry. Whether it’s preparing healthy, gourmet family-style meals or expertly creating elaborate dinner parties, Chef Lynn and her team do it all — planning, shopping, cooking and cleaning up. Cheflynnmichelle.com.

Sports fans know that there are some gameday essentials you just can’t throw a watch party without. For March Madness, it’s printable brackets. For the Super Bowl, it’s lots of cheesy, barbecue-covered snacks. And for RBC Heritage, it’s Bloody Marys (and lots of them). 

Like most Southerners, I take my Bloody Marys seriously. While cocktail experts can’t agree on the true origins of the Bloody Mary, it’s such a fixture at Sunday brunches and tailgates that it may as well have originated here. And like most Southern drinks, this seemingly simple cocktail is actually quite complex, with an ingredients list that includes celery salt, horseradish and Worcestershire sauce, among other mix-ins. But don’t let the ingredients list throw you off. While vodka and tomato juice are musts, the beauty of this strong, spicy and tad-bit-sour drink is that few Bloody Marys are ever made the same way twice, giving you some leeway with the seasonings. 

After a pitcher of my fan-favorite Bloody Mary recipe, your guests won’t stop talking about your Heritage party (in a good way). 

Hot spots for Bloody Marys

  • Lulu Kitchen
  • Palmetto Bay Sunrise Cafe
  • Big Jim’s 
  • The Dunes House 
  • ELA’s On The Water
  • Salty Dog Cafe
  • Hilton Head Distillery 
  • Nectar Farm Kitchen
  • Frankie Bones
  • Giuseppi’s 
  • Marley’s Shrimp and Burger Shack
  • Black Marlin
  • Holy Tequila
  • One Hot Mamas
  • Skull Creek Dockside
  • Poseidon
  • Skull Creek Boathouse

Chef Lynn MichelleHeritage Bloody Mary 


2 29-ounce cans tomato puree

4 limes, squeeze juice

2 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce

1/2 teaspoon hot sauce

2 teaspoons sugar

2 tablespoons salt

1 tablespoon ground black pepper

1 teaspoon celery seed

2 tablespoons horseradish

Dash crushed red pepper

20 ounces of water


Fresh, shucked oysters for oyster shooters

Clam juice instead of water

Directions [1] Combine tomato puree, lime juice, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, sugar, salt, black pepper, celery seed, horseradish, crushed red pepper and water in a tall container. [2] Stir well to combine. The mixture will be a little thick. Once you add ice and vodka, it will thin out. Using the hot sauce and crushed red pepper will not make this spicy or hot, the mix will be flavorful. Add your desired heat to the mixture. [3] Fill a glass with ice, vodka, Heritage Bloody Mary Mix and stir once again. [4] Garnish with a piece of celery, candied bacon in the glass, chunks of pickles, cherry tomatoes  green olives, pickled okra, fresh shrimp and freshly shucked oysters, if desired. CHEERS!

Hilton Head DistilleryBloody Mary Morning


1 1/2 ounces Aermoor Vodka 

6 ounces Bloody Mary mix

Directions [1] Mix ingredients, pour over ice and garnish with olives, pickled okra and whatever else you have around.

Bloody great variations

Use these ingredients to customize the classic cocktail.

For those who like spice

  • Hot sauce 
  • Chili powder 
  • Horseradish 
  • Spicy V8

For the meat lover

  • Bacon 
  • Barbecue rub 
  • Bacon-infused vodka 
  • Barbecue Bloody Mary mix

For the traditionalist 

  • Celery
  • Olives 
  • Tomato vegetable cocktail juice
  • Lime 

For the Tex-Mex enthusiast

  • Tequila 
  • Corn 
  • Jalapenos 
  • Pickled red onion 

For the salty dog 

  • Clam juice or clamato
  • Cocktail shrimp 
  • Old Bay
  • Oysters 

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