Outdoor pergola with an all-aluminum louvered roof by a pool

Expert advice: Designing for beauty and safety in the Lowcountry

Harmonizing form and function

Story by Sheila Paz

Aesthetics and safety can coexist, even when facing the challenging elements of the Lowcountry. Coastal Canvas Products understands this balance and offers essential tips to ensure homeowners maintain the beauty and protection of their investment. From selecting suitable materials to choosing designs that complement your home’s architecture, the Coastal Canvas team provides guidance on integrating protective features that enhance your living space’s functionality and curb appeal.

Motorized exterior screens

1. Patio protection

Motorized exterior screens allow homeowners to turn their patios into secure and comfortable outdoor areas, shielded from harmful UV rays, insects and adverse weather. There are various fabrics, screens and clear vinyl options available for any indoor/outdoor space. Garage screen installations can turn these areas into versatile multi-purpose rooms. Specialized screen systems designed for hurricane and storm protection are also available. Motorized exterior screens offer a seamless blend of functionality and style, making them essential for any homeowner looking to enhance their outdoor living experience while ensuring maximum protection and comfort.

retractable awning on house

2. Shade on demand

Offering instant solar shielding, retractable awnings help expand living spaces to the outdoors. Their sleek design eliminates the need for support poles, ensuring unobstructed views while protecting against the sun and light rain. These awnings also help naturally cool homes by shading interiors, potentially reducing air conditioning costs by up to 25 percent. Retractable awnings provide an elegant and practical solution that combines convenience with energy efficiency, making them a wise investment for homeowners seeking to maximize comfort and curb appeal.

pergola with an all-aluminum louvered roof

3. Adjustable elegance

An upgraded pergola with an all-aluminum louvered roof offers a blend of elegance and functionality, transforming any outdoor space. Its adjustable blades provide precise control over sunlight and rain exposure, complemented by an integrated gutter system for effective water management. Options for motorized screens and customizable lighting enhance comfort and privacy, while the durable aluminum construction ensures longevity with minimal maintenance. 

Traditional Colonial and Bahama shutters

4. Storm Protection

Traditional Colonial and Bahama shutters are custom-crafted to bolster the visual appeal and safety of any residence. Available in a range of materials, such as various woods and durable, weather-resistant powder-coated aluminum, these shutters are designed to meet homeowners’ preferences and needs. They integrate smoothly with various architectural styles, ensuring functionality and aesthetic harmony.

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