Expert Advice: On the fence

Choosing the right fence can make or break your home

Fencing plays an important role in the look and security of your property. The correct fence or gate reflects personal style by accenting outdoor features and blending seamlessly with the existing landscape. And while looks may seem important, perhaps the most important aspect of fencing is the quality and durability of the job. After all, the purpose of a fence is to keep things out. Dan Evans of Hilton Head Fence offers these five tips on choosing the right fence for your project and making sure that the grass is always greener on your side of the fence.

1. Choose maintenance-free aluminum fencing for your yard. Hilton Head Fence offers products rated for coastal areas. Protect your children, pets and privacy by keeping those you love safely inside while keeping outsiders out.

2. You don’t always have to install an entire fence. If you have existing structures to frame your yard, add an aluminum gate to secure your property without changing the existing look. The right gate can accentuate your landscaping and garden. 

3. For added security you can’t go wrong with a custom entry gate made of high-quality materials. After all, you’re going in and out of this gate every day.

4. Your insurance adjuster will love that you’ve fully fenced in your pool, and you will love the look of it. When it comes to safety, only the highest quality materials will do. Working in the industry for many years, Hilton Head Fence has built an expansive network of manufacturers and suppliers in the industry, which allows them to use only the best materials.

5. To separate your backyard from the elements, have a custom aluminum gate installed so you can still access your water features. Choose an experienced team for your customized installations. Not all patios are created equal, and Hilton Head Fence can find a solution for your specific needs, whether or not that means keeping alligators at bay.

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