Expert Advice – Refreshing overlooked spaces in your home

Beyond the basics

While spring cleaning often brings to mind tasks like a fresh coat of paint or gutter maintenance, it’s also the perfect opportunity to tackle lower-priority projects that linger on your wish list. Closets by Design offers creative solutions to rejuvenate the forgotten corners of your home.

1. Turn bland into grand

Elevate a mundane wall into an impressive display featuring your prized books, photos and art without needing a dedicated room. Custom cabinets and shelving, designed around a large screen TV, can transform a simple area into a visual highlight, blending functionality with personal style.

©Ruta Smith

2. Raise the bar

Add a dash of sophistication to your home by converting a small corner into an upscale bar area. Whether it’s part of your kitchen, dining room or living area, this elegant nook can showcase your glassware and spirits, enhanced by a modern beverage fridge, turning any space into an inviting spot for entertaining.

©Ruta Smith

3. Hidden comfort

Don’t let the lack of a guest room limit your hospitality. A wall bed offers a smart and stylish way to welcome overnight guests without sacrificing space. This ingenious solution conceals a cozy bed within a sleek, built-in cabinet, ensuring comfort is always at hand, yet out of sight.

©Kelly Parrish

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