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Expert advice: Windows that wow

A local expert shares advice on covering choices.

Selecting the perfect window coverings for your home can often feel like a daunting task, leaving many with the common sentiment of, “I don’t know what I want!” Drawing from his extensive 18-year experience, Bob Engler of Budget Blinds is here to provide you with invaluable insights and solutions. Engler is dedicated to dispelling the layers of uncertainty surrounding the selection of ideal window treatments and provides complimentary consultations to assist homeowners in navigating the intricate process.

Here are some thought-provoking questions that Engler and his team of experts pose to help you make the best choices for your windows. 

How would you prefer to operate your window coverings?

Engler stresses the importance of understanding your preferred method of operating window coverings. Do you envision the convenience of remote control? If so, explore the world of motorized and automated options. Perhaps you prefer a sleek and uncluttered appearance with slats. In that case, consider shutters. If you prefer manual control, there are numerous cordless shades and blinds available. Want to stick with traditional cords and strings? Engler’s team offers blinds and shades with corded, manual operation.

Louvered or non-louvered?

You can broadly categorize window coverings into two types: Louvered and non-louvered. Which one suits your needs?

Louvered (blinds and plantation shutters): Blinds come in various louver sizes, such as 2 and 2.5 inches, providing effective light control at an affordable price point. Plantation shutters, on the other hand, are a timeless favorite. For a clearer view and more natural light, opt for shutters with larger 4.5-inch louvers. They also offer the flexibility to control sections of the louvers independently.

Non-louvered (cellular shades, woven shades, roller shades): These options are gaining popularity rapidly. Roller shades are particularly in demand, with automation enabling easy adjustment of multiple shades simultaneously.

What function matters most to you?

Depending on your priorities, you can select window coverings that excel in specific functions:

Darkening a room: Block the light from your bedroom or living area with room-darkening shades.

Balancing privacy and light: Light-filtering roller shades offer privacy while allowing soft, diffused light to enter.

Adding texture and color: Elevate your space with woven wood shades or Roman shades, available in a wide array of styles and fabrics.

Embracing a clean, functional look: Opt for cordless honeycomb or roller shades, controllable with a remote, to maintain a sleek appearance.

Embracing modern aesthetics: Indoor plantation shutters with larger louvers offer a contemporary look that impresses both from the inside and outside of your home.

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