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Exploring winter whites

WWMD What would Margaret drink?

Margaret Pearman is a certified sommelier under the Court of Master Sommeliers and is responsible for curating the award-winning wine list at Charlie’s Coastal Bistro. Here are her sipping suggestions for November:

All too often, people fall into a predictable routine with their wine selections. “I’ll have the New Zealand sauvignon blanc,” or “a glass of pinot grigio, please,” are frequent responses I hear, even before guests glance at the wine list. 

While it’s natural to gravitate toward familiar favorites, there are so many dynamic options out there. As we transition into the cooler months, it’s worth exploring diverse white wines that pair well with a range of dishes, offering bold flavors and complexity. Local seafood is especially abundant in late fall, and these versatile whites can elevate the Thanksgiving spread.

Forge Cellars Classique Dry Riesling, Seneca Lakes: A surprise from New York, this wine has become one of my staples, reminding me of a Chablis in its vibrancy. The winery’s origins are unique, founded by Louis Barroul of the esteemed Rhone Valley’s Ch. St Cosme. A standout purchase for under $20.

Suavia Massifitti Trebbiano, Soave: This wine spotlights an old trebbiano variety that has been largely overlooked. It’s lively and approachable, brimming with lemon and lime undertones, a buttery mid-palate and a lengthy finale. Available for approximately $32.

Campuget 1753 Viognier, Southern France: This viognier delights with hints of apricot and honeysuckle. It boasts a balance, being half barrel-fermented and half tank-fermented, which delivers a rich texture with a crisp finish. At about $24, it presents great value.

Tiffenbrunner Feldmarschall von Fenner Muller-Thurgau, Sudtirol-Alto Adige: With roots tracing back to the 13th century, this family-operated winery set high in Northern Italy’s hills is predominantly recognized for its pinot grigio. However, this Muller-Thurgau rendition originates from Europe’s loftiest varietal planting and is among the family’s top-tier selections. With flavors of stone fruit and white blossoms, a hint of residual sweetness and a radiant finish, it’s perfect from appetizers like charcuterie to lighter meat and seafood dishes. A distinctive choice priced around $75.

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