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Farm Art

Pastoral scenes from local artists and galleries

When artists feel the need to get back and reconnect with the earth, there’s nothing like a rural landscape to do just that and reignite their passion. Nothing satisfies this urge quite like creating a pastoral scene. For hundreds of years, artists have created these country scenes, inviting viewers to take a mental vacation from the hustle and bustle of their daily lives. Ranking among famous works would be American Gothic by Grant Wood and The Hay Wain by John Constable.


Isaac by Wendy Norton (Endangered Arts)

Pasture Ornaments I by Daly Smith (Camellia Art)
Tobacco Barn by Dean Mitchell (Red Piano Art Gallery)

These artists’ works have created that form of escapism and provided a tranquil decoration in many people’s lives. The popularity of farm scenes today is even conveyed in modern interior design. The farmhouse look has become quite popular and very iconic as the need for family, home, and a sense of reassurance are becoming more vital. Camellia Art, Endangered Arts, artist Marge Agin and Red Piano Art Gallery shared art from their galleries in order to provide a glimpse into the works of local artists who have created this sense of tranquility in their own way.


Out of Service by Marge Agin

Remembrance by Peter Batchelder (Red Piano Art Gallery)
Whiskey by Carylon Killebrew (Camellia Art)
On the Farm by Marge Agin
American Vintage by Steve Baron (Endangered Arts)
Where You Belong by Carylon Killebrew (Camellia Art)
Rural Memories by Marge Agin
Hayfork by Dan Graziano (Red Piano Art Gallery)